White House rules for entry by vaccinated foreign travelers have a new definition of "vaccinated"

White House rules for entry by vaccinated foreign travelers have a new definition of "vaccinated"

We previously learned that the border with Canada was being reopened for travel between the two countries, but only for the “fully vaccinated.” I’m putting that in scare quotes because the definition of this term continues to evolve in Washington. The reason the definition may become more important shortly is that the United States will also begin allowing air travelers from Europe to come to our country. They too will need to show proof of vaccination, but the specifics of how they were vaccinated will be under scrutiny as well. Only people who have received “any combination of two doses” of vaccine will be allowed to enter. Also, if you have already had and survived COVID, developing your own antibodies in the process, that won’t be factored in either. It’s going to be proof of two shots or don’t bother trying to fly to America. (Bloomberg)

The new U.S. travel policy will block entry to foreign nationals who have recovered from Covid-19 and then gotten one dose of two-dose vaccines — a standard that France and the European Commission consider full vaccination.

The U.S. announced on Friday that it would open its borders to vaccinated travelers beginning Nov. 8, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that would include “any combination of two doses” from two-shot vaccines. An agency spokeswoman confirmed that people with just one dose would be excluded, regardless of whether they’ve also recovered from Covid-19.

The tiresome word games are obviously continuing. If you’re looking to visit the United States and you happened to receive the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you’re out of luck even though the government told you that you only needed one shot. And despite previous assurances from Doctor Fauci that people who survived the virus and received a vaccination on top of that were basically the same as Superman, that won’t be factored in either.

Further, if we’re dealing with foreign travelers, not all of them will have received either the two-dose Pfizer or Moderna shots. Other countries have been developing and deploying their own. Many people on the other side of the Atlantic have received Russia’s Sputnik vaccine, which is usually given in two doses, but there is also a “Sputnik Light” that’s given as a single dose. The point is that there are plenty of people who dutifully went and got vaccinated, being told by their doctors and their government that they should be all set. And now some of them will be turned away.

This doesn’t even get us started on the subject of boosters, by the way. We seem to be told alternating information every couple of weeks, but it’s being suggested that your immunity from the vaccines fades after a while. How much seems to depend on the individual. What if the traveler received two doses back in the spring but hasn’t gotten around to getting a booster after more than six months. (I happen to be in that category.) Are they still “fully vaccinated” if they have a card showing they received two shots? When does that card expire for travel purposes?

For that matter, we have a lot of non-travel-related mandates going into effect right here in America. The same questions apply. You’re not supposed to be able to hold a job pretty soon if you aren’t fully vaccinated, right? When does my CDC card expire for those applications? We have no idea because Biden, Fauci and the “experts” at the CDC and FDA are apparently making all of this crap up as they go along. It’s the same as with the stupid face mask mandates that people like Bill de Blasio and Lori Lightfoot insist must be imposed on everyone and yet they keep showing up at indoor events without one.

We need to hang on until there are couple more sets of elections and then get these jokers out of the seats of power. This nonsense has to come to an end, but it’s starting to sound as if Joe Biden and his crew think they can make these mandates permanent. Do Not Comply.

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