Biden flying unaccompanied illegal migrants into NY in the dead of night

Biden flying unaccompanied illegal migrants into NY in the dead of night
(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

When we discuss the ongoing Biden border crisis, we tend to think of the impact it has on residents in Texas, along with New Mexico, Arizona, and California. But the effects are being felt in nearly every part of the country, thanks to the Biden administration’s ongoing policy of flying illegal migrants away from the border area to turn them loose in other parts of the country. Now you can add New York State to the list. The New York Post has an exclusive report out this week proving that thousands of migrants, mostly unaccompanied minors and some young, adult males, have been arriving on private flights in the dead of night. They are then loaded on buses and shipped out to various suburban areas. No notification of this activity was ever provided to the public and the White House has no public comments about the plan.

Planeloads of underage migrants are being flown secretly into suburban New York in an effort by President Biden’s administration to quietly resettle them across the region, The Post has learned.

The charter flights originate in Texas, where the ongoing border crisis has overwhelmed local immigration officials, and have been underway since at least August, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Last week, The Post saw two planes land at the Westchester County Airport, where most of the passengers who got off appeared to be children and teens, with a small portion appearing to be men in their 20s.

The planes are arriving primarily at Westchester Airport between midnight and six in the morning (when a voluntary curfew is still in effect), but that’s not the end of the journey for the migrants. They are loaded onto buses and shipped to destinations in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and a few locations further upstate. Police officers were seen standing by and watching the unloading operations.

The first question we should be asking is the same one that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis posed after learning that some of these flights wind up in his state. “If the Biden Administration is so confident that their open-border policy is good for our country, why the secrecy?”

Exactly. If this is all being done on the up-and-up, why would you import these migrants in the dead of night without any public notification and then whisk them away on buses? Dumping hundreds of illegal aliens into a community directly affects the people who are legally living there. Shouldn’t a decision like this be discussed with state and local officials and announced to the public? Apparently not under Joe Biden’s plans. The “most transparent administration ever” continues to operate in secrecy on any number of issues.

Compounding the matter is the way that the White House has made the police into unwitting partners in crime. These migrants have not been granted asylum nor even been given a date for a court appearance in many cases. They are quite literally breaking the law by being in the country under those circumstances and we have cops standing around with their hands in their pockets doing nothing because it was all given a green light by Joe Biden. We expected border security to be lax under a Democratic president, but we now have one who is actively abetting people who are violating the law and using taxpayer dollars to fly them around the country and chauffeur them about after they land.

The Post observed quite a few of the migrants being met by people after reaching their final destination and driven away in private vehicles. Nobody was seen presenting any sort of identification to officials on the scene. We previously learned that border officials have been so overwhelmed that they have been unable to even verify the identity of some of the migrants, to say nothing of doing full background checks on them all. It’s also been confirmed that most of them haven’t been tested for or vaccinated against COVID after they arrive because there are simply too many of them to deal with.

So New York has now become the unwitting host of thousands of new arrivals who are here illegally and we don’t know who many of them are. For all we know, they’re starting another COVID surge in their communities the moment they arrive. And if the press hadn’t investigated and reported on it, we would never have known about it. Heck of a job, Uncle Joe. But at least there are still no mean tweets, right?

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