Poll: More people think it's already too easy to vote

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One theme that the Democrats have been pushing for years now is the idea that Republican lawmakers have been trying to suppress turnout by passing “restrictive” voting laws that disenfranchise people and make it more difficult to register and vote. They’ve received a lot of support from most of the mainstream media, where talking heads repeat these allegations as if they are factual. All of this is being done despite the fact that many red states that have passed new, widely criticized voting laws (such as Georgia) have more permissive voting procedures and more days of early voting than some blue states like New York. But the one question I keep trying to raise is where we might find all of these people who are having trouble voting? And is the public really buying this malarkey?

A new poll from Morning Consult may give us a good indication as to the answer to the second question. As the Washington Examiner reports, that question was put to the public. And contrary to Democratic talking points, a significant plurality of the public thinks that it’s actually already too easy to vote, leading to the possibility of votes being cast illegally.

Democrats have spent years now fearmongering about voter suppression. People aren’t buying it.

According to a Morning Consult poll , 44% of adults believe that current voting laws “are not strict enough to prevent votes from being case illegally.” Only 33% think that current voting laws “make it too difficult for eligible citizens to vote.” Independent voters believe, 35%-29%, that it is too easy to vote rather than too difficult. Hispanics are evenly split on the question, and 30% of black voters believe that voting laws are too permissive.

Obviously, that leaves 23% of respondents undecided. But Democrats are failing to nudge them in their direction in spite of a full-throated embrace of the narrative about voter suppression and a huge assist from the media. That indicates that their hysteria is accomplishing little.

The survey asked many more questions than just the one about voting rules being too tough or too easy. But most of the questions followed along similar issues of trust in the government and our system of elections. Looking through the cross tabs, the responses fall along very similar partisan lines, but the overall consensus is that the scaremongering about voter suppression via legislation just isn’t resonating with most people. The only group where a majority could be found saying that voting was too difficult was Democrats, and even there it wasn’t much of a majority. 57% of Democratic men and 52% of Democratic women said it was too difficult to vote.

Independents thought it was too easy to vote (35/29) as did Republicans by a huge margin (79/9). They couldn’t even get a majority of Black voters (the group Democrats scream about being suppressed mostly loudly) to say that voting was too difficult. However, there was a plurality who felt that way, 41/30.

All of that seems to make sense and it follows my thoughts on the subject after studying it for some time. Every election cycle there are places popping up all over, beseeching people to come register. Teams go door-to-door in most neighborhoods asking if people need help registering. Every state offers a number of days of early voting and absentee voting is always available for those who need it. If you don’t have a valid ID you can get one for free. All you have to do is ask. And on election day, Uber and Lyft will take you to your polling place and back for free.

Honestly, people. Short of having trucks driving around with actual voting machines, parking them in front of your home and dragging you outside with a bag over your head, I don’t know how much easier it could be. And based on the results of this polling, it appears that most Americans are already aware of all of this.

But that doesn’t stop the Democrats from trying to push through ideas such as unlimited voting by mail for everyone even if they are available to vote in person. That brilliant idea led to any number of errors in the 2020 elections and some bad votes that weren’t errors at all. (In my congressional district, which was decided by barely 100 votes, three people were charged with casting ballots for dead relatives by mail.) Still, the MSM keeps peddling this story. Perhaps it’s a positive sign that the cable news networks’ influence isn’t quite as vast as they believe, because a lot of people simply aren’t buying what they’re selling.

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Jazz Shaw 1:01 PM on December 09, 2022