Were Hollywood stars using fake COVID tests to get into the Tonys afterparties?

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

The Tony Awards took place last night and before anyone asks, no… I didn’t watch them. I’m not much for awards shows these days to begin with and I don’t even remember the last time we went to a theater. But the social interactions on display when the glitterati all get together is always interesting, particularly when you consider the amount of hypocrisy that’s been on display in Hollywood over the course of the pandemic lockdowns. At least according to the New York Post, last night was no different. While the cameras were trained on them, the stars and big names from the theatrical world were almost all masked up and talking the talk about vaccinations and testing. But behind the scenes, something different was allegedly playing out. In at least one case, a guest was reportedly overheard bragging about how he obtained a fake negative test report that allowed him access to one of the trendy parties being thrown after the curtains fell.

At Sunday night’s Tony Awards, Broadway put on a united front about wearing masks in theaters for the safety of audiences and performers alike.

“Everyone here is vaxxed and tested, and everyone is wearing a mask,” host Leslie Odom Jr. said as he walked by celebs like Bernadette Peters and Lin-Manuel Miranda. “Every Broadway theater will look like this for a while, and that’s OK.”

But away from the glare of the cameras at the Winter Garden Theater, the lecturing stopped cold.

Theater critic Johnny Oleksinski was at the show and milling around with the rest of the guests. He claims that he overheard one guest in a tuxedo bragging about how his assistant found a picture of a BinaxNow test that was negative and sent it in. That was done to gain access to a “hot afterparty” for Slave Play. (That play wound up not winning in its category, but apparently such things don’t discourage partying activity on Broadway.)

Some of the afterparties were reportedly canceled for various reasons and the guests from the award show wound up pouring into various bars and restaurants in the area. Many of those parties allegedly featured many people milling about without masks on, but no video footage appears to have emerged as of this morning.

Admittedly, we don’t have a large sample to draw on here because Oleksinski is only reporting one person claiming to have used a fake test result and that person isn’t named. We also didn’t get to see the fake test report in question. But would it really be all that shocking to find out that he and potentially others were doing it? It’s well known at this point that you can purchase forged CDC vaccination cards and test results on the internet, often quite cheaply. And the problems being encountered with the verification process for all of these immunity passport schemes are legendary.

We can’t even get elected officials to follow their own rules half the time, even as they impose restrictions on everyone else. Why would we believe that Broadway stars and producers would act any differently when the cameras aren’t on them? What’s even more puzzling, at least to me, is how there aren’t already a flood of pictures and videos from all of those parties showing up online this morning. Normally, that’s some seriously hot content for those who follow the movie stars and their award shows.

I’m left wondering if the organizers of these events haven’t started instituting rules against cameras and cell phones so the little people won’t be able to see how they flaunt the rules when they think nobody is looking. I’m willing to bet that the photographic evidence is out there somewhere, however. It’s just a matter of time before some of it surfaces. These people simply can’t help themselves.

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