Guess who will be in charge of prosecutions at ICE now?

Guess who will be in charge of prosecutions at ICE now?
Courtesy of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

For all of you who, like me, might have been briefly fooled into thinking that Joe Biden was starting to take illegal immigration a bit more seriously during the showdown at Del Rio, this week brings us yet another indication that nothing has changed. The Free Beacon reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement has just announced the hiring of a new Principal Legal Adviser. The PLA oversees more than two dozen field locations and more than 1,200 attorneys. They are also the agency’s chief representative in all litigation and removal proceedings for illegal aliens. It’s a very important role. So who will be taking on this heavy burden for Joe Biden?

Her name is Kerry Doyle. If that name doesn’t sound familiar in the prosecutorial field, it’s because Ms. Doyle has spent her entire career representing illegal immigrants and working for immigration activist groups. One can only imagine how energetically she will be pursuing successful prosecutions and deportations.

ICE announced the hiring of Kerry Doyle, a longtime partner at the Boston-based law firm Graves & Doyle, as the agency’s new principal legal adviser, a role that oversees 25 field locations and 1,250 attorneys. The office serves as ICE’s representative in all removal proceedings and litigates cases against illegal aliens and terrorists.

“Throughout her legal practice in Boston, Ms. Doyle worked closely with the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition and Massachusetts Law Reform Institute providing technical assistance and public testimony and various immigration-related policy issues before the state legislature and Boston City Council,” the ICE memo reads.

A spokesman for ICE did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Doyle’s appointment comes as the Biden administration faces an influx of Haitian refugees, who are overrunning the border city of Del Rio, Texas. After reversing a bevy of Trump-era immigration rules, an uptick in illegal migration across the Southern border has strained resources and presented a political problem for the president, who repudiated Trump’s hardline approach to policing the border but risks political blowback from an influx of illegal residents.

This is simply incredible. As near as I can tell from her profile, Kerry Doyle has never prosecuted a single case of any sort in her entire career. Her previous work includes working a case where she obtained a temporary restraining order against Donald Trump’s travel ban in 2017. She was also a public proponent of a Massachusetts bill that would have applied sanctuary city laws nationwide and further restricted law enforcement cooperation with immigration officials. She referred to ICE as being “out of control.”

In other words, the woman who will now oversee the prosecution and deportation proceedings for any illegal aliens ICE manages to arrest has spent her career trying to thwart government efforts to deport criminal illegal aliens. This isn’t some sort of mistake on the part of the Biden administration. It’s a bad joke. In fact, it’s even worse than that. It’s an insult to the entire immigration enforcement community and all of the people who work to enforce our laws.

Why should any of our CBP or ICE officers even bother showing up for work in the morning if they know that this is the person responsible for prosecuting the criminal illegal aliens they manage to capture? We need to be tracking how many deportation cases are actually pursued during the remainder of Joe Biden’s tenure. I’m willing to bet that the numbers will plummet in an unprecedented way. This should be yet another impeachable offense on Joe Biden’s part, but don’t expect the Democratic majority in Congress to breathe a word about this. Biden is handing the prosecutorial reins of ICE over to someone who wanted to abolish ICE. This isn’t executive incompetence. It’s obstruction of the law.

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