China: The WHO needs to investigate this American lab in Maryland

China: The WHO needs to investigate this American lab in Maryland
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The Chinese Communist Party is still hard at work trying to track down the original source for the novel Coronavirus. Or at least they would like you to think that they are. They have a suspect in mind, and it’s one that they’ve floated repeatedly in the past. Despite no known cases of COVID arising anywhere outside of Wuhan in the initial months of the pandemic, the Chinese are saying it probably came from a military lab in Fort Detrick, Md. And they would like the World Health Organization to launch a thorough investigation of the lab. The irony of this is likely not lost on most of you, given how China has stonewalled the WHO in its admittedly timid attempts to investigate the Wuhan Institute of Virology. (Free Beacon)

The Chinese embassy called for a World Health Organization investigation into a United States military lab more than 7,500 miles away from the first documented cases of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China.

Chinese embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu responded to a Washington Free Beacon report on a Chinese propaganda campaign that claims the coronavirus leaked from a military lab in Fort Detrick, Md., saying the campaign not only reflects “serious concerns” but also warrants a full WHO investigation into the U.S. military installation.

“About Fort Detrick, the US has remained silent on the serious concerns raised by the international community, including US media,” Liu told the Free Beacon. “The US side must understand that the international community has every reason to raise questions about Fort Detrick, which has a poor track record and is notorious for breaches in lab and contaminant leak, and demand clarification and explanation from the US side and call on the WHO to conduct a thorough investigation into it.”

This would almost be humorous if it weren’t for the ability of the CCP to control state media inside China and its satellite nations, repeating this nonsense until a lot of people actually start believing it. In reality, it’s the equivalent of a toddler getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar and then sticking their fingers in their ears, shouting that you actually took the cookies.

We still don’t have a 100% confirmed answer as to the origin of the virus, but that’s mostly because the Chinese stonewalled the few efforts the WHO made to do more than simply ask some people at the Wuhan Institute of Virology what happened. They didn’t share their data or allow records or samples to be examined. They were in and out in two days. But there is a mounting pile of evidence showing that they were able to manipulate coronavirus strains without leaving easily detectable fingerprints as early as 2016. And the first known cases of the virus all showed up in and around Wuhan.

Conversely, I’ve done multiple searches for instances of leaks and infections coming out of Fort Detrick. It’s either never happened or they’re better at covering these sorts of things up than the Chinese. Besides, we know how things work in America. If something had happened and someone had become even mildly ill, the lawsuits would still be dragging out to this day.

Would the WHO actually be willing to go along with this farce and ask to launch an investigation at Fort Detrick? I wouldn’t put it past them, frankly. And Joe Biden has already offered to turn control of our climate policies over to the United Nations so why wouldn’t he go along with it as well? Never mind the fact that there wasn’t a positive test for COVID in Maryland until February 28th of 2020, many months after the virus was already running wild in China. How stupid do these people think we are?

Trust me… if there were some way to pin the start of the novel coronavirus on Donald Trump, MSNBC would have done it long ago. China is lying again, but that’s really not going to come as news to anyone reading this.

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