More indications that Biden will be dropping most sanctions on Iran

Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP

Just yesterday, we learned that the Biden administration had quietly dropped some sanctions on Iran, bailing them out by allowing them access to previously frozen assets from their illicit oil sales. At the time, I asked whether or not this trend of generosity was going to continue in an effort to get them back to the bargaining table. Not long after that, Iranian leaders went on state television and told their citizens that even more sanctions relief was on the way. Quite a bit of it, in fact. The Free Beacon has received a translated copy of a 264-page report that Iran’s Foreign Minister sent to his country’s Parliament this week and it provides a laundry list of sanctions and restrictions that the United States has supposedly promised to cancel as part of the ongoing negotiations.

The Biden administration is prepared to lift American sanctions on Iran, including on its oil trade and banks, providing the hardline regime with a lifeline as its economy teeters on the brink of collapse, according to an Iranian government report outlining the status of negotiations with the United States.

Sanctions are the key sticking point in talks between Iran and the United States in Vienna, as diplomats from both countries work to finalize an agreement that would see the Biden administration rejoin the 2015 nuclear accord.

Iran says it has extracted guarantees from the United States that a full range of sanctions will be lifted, including those impacting Iran’s illicit oil trade, financial sector, state-controlled banks, automotive industry, aviation sector, and mining industry.

That’s a long list of sanctions that we have supposedly “guaranteed” will be lifted. In fact, it sounds like just about all of them. Iran’s economy is currently on the brink of imploding and this sort of a gift would certainly bail them out nicely.

But is it true? After all, this is Iran we’re talking about here. They’re not exactly known for being honest, transparent actors on the world stage. This could be nothing more than public relations material intended for their own population, attempting to convince them that progress is being made and they are “winning” their fight with the west.

But if it’s not true, it would be the easiest thing in the world for the State Department to simply send out a spokesperson and deny it. That’s not happening, however. One of their spokespeople told the Free Beacon that the list of sanctions has “been raised as priorities by Iran throughout our negotiations.” He went on to say that nothing has been finalized, however, and they aren’t going to “negotiate this in the press.”

Therein lies one of the major problems with this entire situation. Nobody is being told anything. We’re supposedly not even talking directly to the Iranians, with the only conversations happening through third parties. Neither the White House nor the State Department has given any official updates as to what is going on and what sort of deals might be in the making. When the spokesman used the phrase “our negotiations” in that quote, I think that might have been the first time the administration has even admitted that anything was going on.

We’ve been told repeatedly by Republican members of Congress that they aren’t even being briefed in private about this situation. Is Joe Biden seriously considering cutting a deal with Iran and lifting nearly all of the sanctions on them without even bothering to consult with the legislature? If so, he needs to be brought into check quickly. This is sounding like yet another situation where a poorly considered plan is going to be summarily announced to the public as another “victory” for the Biden administration, only to see us later learn that the entire thing has been botched.