Disney quietly risks "going woke"

(AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

I guess it really is a small world after all, and the crowds at Disneyland may be getting a bit smaller after some employee training documents from Walt Disney Company were recently made public. Journalist Chris Rufo obtained the documents and took them public this week on Tucker Carlson’s show. The contents would have been shocking if it weren’t for the fact that all of this “anti-racism” propaganda has been showing up in schools and public spaces around the country for a while now. If you want to complete your training and work for Big Mouse, you’ve got a lot of reeducation in front of you. You’ll need to go through your home library and get rid of any insufficiently woke books. You’ll also be filling out a checklist of all of your “privileges” and participate in reparations, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Of course, all of this only applies if you are white. (Daily Mail)

Newly revealed Disney’s training documents show the company asked their white staff to ‘decolonize their bookshelves,’ participate in reparations and complete a ‘privilege checklist’ as part of their anti-racism training.

The media conglomerate has been slammed as becoming the ‘Wokest Place on Earth’ after the training module showed them adopting ‘critical race theory’ as part of their employee training.

Journalist Chris Rufo who first obtained the documents, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight where he called Disney out for promoting ‘division and self-hatred’.

On top of all that, new employees were instructed to “take time to understand and embrace the defund the police movement.” This is the price of entry for a job working at Disney now. It comes straight out of the BLM playbook. Oh, and if you dare to say “all lives matter” or “blue lives matter” it appears that you will be looking for another job. Also, instructing employees to get rid of some of their books (God forbid you have any Shakespeare in the house) is no different than encouraging book burning.

This is all part of what’s come to be called “critical race theory” and it some of the most racist garbage I’ve come across recently. Following the calls of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King jr. to judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin is now not only insufficient but it’s forbidden. If you are white or even look suspiciously close to being white, you are immediately deemed as being flawed without your new employer knowing a single thing about your life, your beliefs or your previous actions.

Virtually every company in the country already has mandatory policies in place barring racism, bigotry and everything else. If an employer receives reports of anyone acting in such a fashion in their company, action is obviously called for. But when you simply assume that every applicant who walks through the door is in need of “fixing” based on nothing but their skin color, you are pretty much as bad as the Klan, with the roles being reversed.

Chris Rufo pointed out the irony of all of this wokeness coming from a company whose top management is largely comprised of “the richest and most powerful and privileged white males in the history of humanity.” He also suggested that the vast majority of middle-class Americans – particularly white families – make up the lion’s share of the traffic into Disney parks and are the ones paying for all of their extraordinary profits. Perhaps they should all be made aware of what’s going on at Disney behind the scenes when planning their next vacation.

If you want one more horror story on this topic to pass your time this weekend, allow me to suggest you read the story of Andrew Gutmann. He’s the New York City father who pulled his child out of the elite Brearley School in Manhattan after learning that his daughter was being pushed into a similar critical race theory program. After doing so, he penned a lengthy op-ed in the New York Post about it. He received a significant amount of support from other parents, but also a tide of poisonous pushback as well. His experience should be informative.