Amnesty *and* "reparations" for deported illegal aliens?

Back in the old days when we used to try to secure our borders and enforce federal immigration laws (pre-January 20), illegal immigrants were routinely deported after going through the immigration court system. Of course, under the Biden administration, most of that activity has ground to a halt and our ICE and Border Patrol agents are probably sharpening up their skills at playing solitaire. But what about the illegal aliens who were deported while Donald Trump was still in office? President Joe Biden is apparently not satisfied with simply ending the previous administration’s border control policies, but is looking to actually reverse some of the progress that had been made. The White House is reportedly in negotiations with the American Civil Liberty Union who are representing more than 1,000 deported illegals who have children inside our country under the protection of Health and Human Services. They are proposing that the taxpayers pay to fly the deported parents back to the United States, grant them amnesty and some sort of legal resident status, reunite them with the children and then pay them “reparations” for the trouble they’ve been put through. You really can’t make this stuff up. (Breitbart)

President Joe Biden’s administration is weighing a plan to provide amnesty, as well as reparations, to more than 1,000 illegal aliens who were deported under former President Trump.

The Biden administration is currently negotiating a settlement by which attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are representing deported illegal alien parents and their children who remain in the United States.

The parents were prosecuted for crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and subsequently deported as the children they arrived with were put in Health and Human Services (HHS) custody. The policy under Trump was known as “Zero Tolerance,” though the federal government has been separating adults from children at the border since before 2001.

We’re not talking about illegal aliens who recently arrived as part of the ongoing border crisis (created by Joe Biden’s policies) in this situation. Since they made it all the way to the point of being deported, these are migrants who entered the country illegally, were detained, showed up in immigration court, and were ordered to be deported by a judge. That is precisely how the system is designed to work under federal law. And now we’re going to pay to allow them to build up their frequent flyer miles?

As for being separated from the children, a better solution is obvious, though clearly not to Uncle Joe. These parents knowingly brought their children over the border illegally and put them at risk. If the ACLU is representing them, we clearly know where the parents are now (presumably back in their home countries) and where HHS has placed the children. If they understandably wish to be reunited, put the children on a plane with some adult supervision and fly them to where their parents are. Problem solved. Alternately, the parents could apply for legal entry to the United States to come to join them if they feel that the care they are receiving under HHS is superior.

The entire idea of “reparations” implies that the government has in some way wronged or harmed you and you merit compensation. The plaintiffs, in this case, were the ones engaged in wrongdoing. What happened after they were discovered was done in accordance with our federal immigration laws, including the separation of the children, which has been being done for more than two decades under both Republican and Democratic administrations. If you disagree with the way our immigration laws are written, work to change them. But for now, they are what they are, even if the current President refuses to enforce them. If anyone is owed some money, it’s the taxpayers who had finance all of the travel and detainment costs associated with their detention and deportation.

We’ve really followed Superman into Bizarro World at this point when it comes to Biden’s handling of immigration questions. The southern border is in a continual state of crisis and our laws are no longer being enforced. But that’s apparently not enough for Open Borders Joe. He wants to invest even more “free money” into making our government apologize for enforcing the law. It’s unbelievable, and yet here we are.