One of the most bizarre pro-Biden propaganda pieces seen to date

As we’ve discussed here previously, the media’s approach to covering the Biden presidency thus far has been strictly kid gloves, even if you aren’t comparing it to the treatment that Donald Trump received. People are noticing, too, with a strong majority saying that the press has been taking it easy on Status Quo Joe from day one, similar to their handling of him during the last election. But even in the midst of this love-festival landscape, you’d be hard-pressed to find any pro-Biden propaganda to match an opinion piece at CNN written by Ashley Semler. The title of this jaw-dropping “analysis” will give you all the clues you need. “How the US Went From Having One of the Worst COVID Responses to Being a Global Leader in Vaccinations Under Biden.” I’ll give you a moment to stop your eyes from rolling out of the back of your heads while we look at a brief excerpt.

For the last 100 days, President Joe Biden and his top advisers have mounted an urgent, wartime effort to get millions of coronavirus vaccines into the arms of Americans in order to beat back a pandemic that has upended the world for the better part of year. [sic]

The effort, described to CNN during in-depth interviews with three of the administration’s top Covid advisers and two other White House officials, has allowed the US to go from having one of the worst Covid responses in the world to being a global leader in getting shots in arms. The interviews reveal how the Biden team inherited a pandemic at its zenith with a high demand for vaccines and little supply, along with no long-term plan to vaccinate millions of Americans. The President, at times impatient, pressed his advisers harder on ways to improve the federal government’s response to the virus.

This campaign advertisement posing as an analysis of the nation’s response to the pandemic grinds on for more than thirty additional paragraphs filled with the same sort of nonsense. I had to double-check a couple of times just to make sure this wasn’t written by either Jen Psaki or Jill Biden. But the theme never waivers. The claim is that Donald Trump had totally botched the response to the pandemic and Joe Biden had to come in and pick up the pieces, “applying pressure” to get people vaccinated and end the pandemic while single-handedly restoring the economy.

Shortly after it was published, Mark Hemingway took to Twitter to offer a brief history lesson torn from the unpopular pages of reality.

By the time Joe Biden was sworn into office we already had two vaccines approved for distribution with a third well on the way. The fact that these vaccines made it to market in under a year is nothing short of miraculous when compared to how long such efforts took in the past. That was all thanks to operation Warp Speed, which Joe Biden had nothing to do with. Money had been allocated under the Trump administration to ramp up production at the applicable pharmaceutical corporations to previously unimaginable levels. The vaccines were being distributed evenly around the country based on population density, with the governors and mayors in each area being left to determine the best way to get shots into arms.

What did Joe Biden do differently? Essentially nothing. He picked up the plan that Trump left in place and largely acted as a spectator as it rolled out. This is a point that was correctly identified by the Wall Street Journal editorial board recently.

The White House pretense that it inherited a Covid mess is nonsense. The vaccine production was pre-planned. While some state rollouts were bumpy when there was more vaccine demand than supply, the main job of the Administration was to accelerate the distribution that was already underway.

The CNN puff piece also takes time out to sing the praises of Joe Biden for miraculously starting to turn the economy around in barely 100 days. This trip across the rainbow was also skillfully dismissed in the WSJ editorial.

The same goes for the economy, which has been growing since last July, and its acceleration was inevitable as people returned to normal commercial and social life. As New York, Michigan and California have followed the leadership of Texas and Florida in lifting their lockdowns, the inevitable post-pandemic boom has arrived. The same would have happened if Mr. Trump had won.

The economy didn’t crash because of Donald Trump. It crashed because state and municipal governments shut it down in response to the virus, locking down their citizens and sending all but the most essential workers to the unemployment lines. The only way to safely bring it back to life was to get the national levels of immunity significantly higher, which was precisely the approach Trump took. As more and more businesses reopen and people return to work, the economy will continue to recover. Joe Biden had absolutely nothing to do with that aside from signing a relief bill that was crafted by Congress, not the White House.

I’m honestly confused as to how a piece like the one written by Ms. Semler ever received the green light for publication on CNN’s website. Even the most ardent, liberal Biden supporter in the country has to be reading that and growing rather uncomfortable. I understand that some media outlets typically engage in more cheerleading for the Democrats than others, but this is just too ludicrous for words.