Mayorkas: Yeah, you migrants should probably stay home

While it may be hard to believe, when President Biden told aspiring illegal aliens “don’t come over,” a lot of them clearly didn’t listen or follow his instructions. That much is obvious, given the overflowing detention centers along the border. Since Biden’s message didn’t seem to be resonating, over the weekend he sent out the big guns. DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas showed up on Meet the Press this weekend with a message for all of the migrants currently heading for the border. “We strongly urge, and the message is clear, not to do so now.”

Well, that should do the trick nicely, I’m sure. With that little problem out of the way, Uncle Joe can get back to work on the rest of his progressive agenda. Wait… what’s that you say? The migrants are still flooding into the country? Man… these people clearly don’t know how to listen. (NBC News)

Mayorkas emphasized that the administration’s message to those seeking entry is that “the border is closed.” But he said that while the administration will continue to expel families and single adults, they will not send back unaccompanied minors.

“We will not expel into the Mexican desert, for example, three orphan children,” Mayorkas said, even as he warned against them coming to the border.

“We are safely processing the children who do come to our border,” he said. “We strongly urge, and the message is clear, not to do so now. I cannot overstate the perils of the journey that they take.”

It’s almost refreshing to hear both Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas saying the words “the border is closed.” Unfortunately, the border is far from closed. And since one of Joe Biden’s first actions after taking office was to shut down all construction work on the wall, it’s not getting any closer to being closed, either. Just as a quick note to all of you fact-checkers out there, would that qualify as a “lie” or a “misleading statement?” It’s so hard to keep track these days.

Mayorkas went on to once again attempt to blame the Trump administration for “dismantling” the immigration system, but that story is such a clunker that even CNN isn’t repeating it. This massive surge only began after Joe Biden announced that Trump’s immigration policies were being canceled and that deportations were coming to an end. And the message to the migrants wasn’t made any stronger this weekend either. Notice that after saying the border is “closed,” Mayorkas went on to tell anyone considering entering the country illegally “not to do so now.” Saying “not now” implies that there will be an appropriate time later.

Even as Mayorkas was going on television and saying that the Biden administration will continue to expel families and single adults, we learned that he had instructed the Border Patrol to “use their own discretion” and was allowing them to release illegal immigrants into the interior of our country without even scheduling them for a court date. And as for all of those children that he refuses to “expel into the Mexican desert,” perhaps he should have held off on making those statements until he’d had a chance to look at the latest pictures of kids in cages.

Does this look at all like a situation that Biden and Mayorkas are even remotely close to having under control? While Biden continues to chide American citizens about not removing their masks or easing up on social distancing, the detainment facilities look like the biggest potential superspreader events imaginable. And as we noted here earlier, when it comes to the detained migrants, the current guidelines from DHS for the Border Patrol say that “COVID-19 testing should be administered whenever possible.” But it’s already well-known that in many of the border areas, DHS doesn’t have nearly enough test kits to handle the number of people coming through. How many of the illegal aliens being shuffled off to Greyhound Bus stations without a court date also haven’t even been tested for COVID?

Congratulations to all of you who decided that the Bad Orange Man was intolerable and decided to switch your votes to Open Borders Joe. This is really working out swimmingly. Just wait until you see what he does to your taxes later this year.

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