Biden sends FEMA to the border

At this point, every day that passes sees an army of immigrants swarming our southern border. Increasingly, we are seeing more and more unaccompanied minors either presenting themselves at border crossings or illegally going through gaps in the border wall to enter the country. Our resources to deal with these incursions have long since been exhausted and detention facilities (I’m sorry… “immigration input stations”) are overflowing. The backlog in our immigration courts is once again growing after a temporary respite during the previous administration. Now the problem is Joe Biden’s to deal with, particularly since he was the one who put out the welcome mat. His latest solution was a decision to send FEMA in to handle the processing of the unaccompanied children. (Associated Press)

The Biden administration is turning to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for help managing and caring for record numbers of unaccompanied immigrant children who are streaming into the United States by illegally crossing the border with Mexico.

FEMA will support a governmentwide effort over the next three months to safely receive, shelter and transfer minor children who arrive alone at the U.S. southwest border, without a parent or other adult, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Saturday.

Government figures show a growing crisis at the border as hundreds of children illegally enter the U.S. from Mexico daily and are taken into custody.

So Open Borders Joe is sending in FEMA to deal with this crisis, eh? That raises a couple of immediate questions. First, let’s take a look at the short summary of FEMA’s mission statement.

“FEMA’s employees are committed to serving our country before, during and after disasters. Every day more than 20,000 emergency managers work to make our nation safer, stronger and more prepared.”

So does this mean that Joe Biden is admitting the situation on the southern border is now officially “a disaster?” It must be, or else the White House wouldn’t be able to allocate the funds and resources to deploy FEMA agents. And while we’re on that subject, we should probably check and see if Biden’s order is in keeping with the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, 42 U.S.C. §§ 5121-5207. Under that act, FEMA will be deployed solely at the discretion of the President, typically in response to a request for disaster assistance from the state, territory or tribal lands impacted by the disaster event. Has Joe Biden formally declared a disaster on the southern border? Did any of the governors of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, or California request disaster relief? Or are we just making up the rules as we go now?

It’s worth pointing out yet again that most of us already realized there was a disaster unfolding on the border before this news broke. And we would be remiss if we failed to point out that this is a disaster entirely of Joe Biden’s own making. He announced that Trump’s strict border control policies would be coming to an end, along with almost all deportations, on the day he was sworn into office. Word travels fast in the aspiring illegal immigrant community, so people immediately began packing their things and heading north. Families seeking to play on the kindness of Americans have clearly been bringing their children within sight of the border and then sending them on by themselves, trusting that we would take them in and provide for them.

While we’re on the subject, have you noticed those t-shirts that so many of the illegal aliens are wearing? They’re the ones that have Uncle Joe’s campaign icon on them, reading, “BIDEN PLEASE LET US IN!” Almost all of them look pretty fresh and clean, which is not what you’d expect if someone had worn them while trekking hundreds of miles through the dust and the elements. I somehow doubt that a t-shirt shop in Honduras has been cranking them out. Far more likely is the idea that one of the American groups that work to thwart American immigration laws has been handing them out in Mexico to tug on heartstrings and get the media to play along.

I’m not disagreeing with the new president about there being a disaster unfolding on our southern border. It would just be nice if he admitted that he caused it and if someone in the press corps would have the temerity to ask him about it. Well… assuming he ever actually holds a press conference, that is.