Sunday morning talking heads

It didn’t take any sort of psychic powers to predict what would be dominating the lineups for the Sunday shows today. It’s mostly just the same three things everyone has been obsessing over for weeks. Some of Joe Biden’s incoming administration selections will be talking about the inauguration and Uncle Joe’s immediate actions upon taking office. The Senate impeachment trial will also be a big topic of discussion, though there’s still a debate going on as to whether you can impeach someone who isn’t in office. (Spoiler alert: Congress sort of makes up its own rules as it goes along when it comes to impeachment.) And, of course, there’s the ever-present subject of the pandemic. The good news is that we can probably expect the WHO and the CDC to announce that the pandemic will officially end at 12:01 eastern time on Wednesday. (Kidding… mostly.)

Let’s see who will be jabbering on the usual shows.

ABC’s “This Week” will feature Biden’s pick for Communications Director, Kate Bedingfield. Expect to hear a lot about day one and the first hundred days. I’m waiting to see if she’ll double down on Biden’s promise to vaccinate 100 million people in 100 days. Joaquin Castro will be there as well since Pelosi named him as one of the impeachment managers. Republican Peter Meijer of Michigan will make an appearance too. Why? Because he voted to impeach Trump, a decision that he’s now calling “political suicide” and has led him to shop for body armor.

CNN’s “State of the Union” hosts Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain to cover the same turf that Bedingfield will be advertising on ABC. Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin will provide the parallel to Castro’s gig since he too has been named one of Pelosi’s nine impeachment managers. Senator Dick Durbin (D – Illinois) will round out the lineup, likely talking about the pandemic and food shortages that have been seen in rural areas.

“Fox News Sunday” welcomes Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. It’s a good bet he’ll be talking about the security precautions they’re putting in place around the state capital ahead of the inauguration, as well as the strong surge in COVID cases in Arkansas. They’ll also speak with Brian Deese, the next Director of the National Economic Council. Expect some debate over Biden’s proposed pandemic relief bill, stimulus checks and the rest of the goodies they’re planning to hand out.

CBS’ “Face the Nation” has Adam Schiff because you apparently can’t have a day of cable news without Schiff showing up to talk about how terrible Donald Trump is and the dire need to impeach him. He’ll be joined by Rochelle Walensky, the incoming head of the CDC. If you’re really lucky, Rochelle will be asked how the vaccine distribution plan turned into such a smoking pile of hot garbage. Governor Jim Justice (R) of West Virginia and St. Paul, Minnesota Mayor Melvin Carter will also be on the show. Carter may or may not get to explain the difference between a riot and a riot.

Finishing up with NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Dr. Fauci will show up, probably to push back the goalposts on herd immunity to 92.7% or something. Cory Booker will be there for some reason, perhaps talking about the Senate impeachment trial. Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace of South Carolina will be there as well. She’s recently made headlines by opposing the second impeachment of Donald Trump and speaking out against Big Tech censorship of conservatives. It might be worth tuning in to NBC just to see her segment.