Interview/Review: Bryce Johnson and Season 2 of Expedition Bigfoot

Just for something fun outside of all of the gloom and doom of the recent news cycle, I recently interviewed actor and investigator Bryce Johnson and wanted to share this with anyone in our audience who may be looking for some additional entertainment during the ongoing lockdowns. Bryce Johnson is an actor who you may have seen in television series and movies such as Pretty Little Liars, Darkness Rising and a personal favorite of mine, Willow Creek. More recently, however, Bryce has been drafted to head out into the wild and put his interest in the reality of Sasquatch (or Bigfoot) to work, leading a team of scientists and researchers on a mission to track down the elusive creature. They’ve already done one full season of Expedition Bigfoot on the Travel Channel, where they explored the mysteries of remote regions of the Pacific northwest.

Now they’re back for season two and they went to an entirely different part of the country that may come as a surprise to aficionados of this genre. And the things they found might produce some converts among those who remain skeptical about the existence of “the big guy.” Bryce and I went over some of the history he has in this subject, how the show came about, and the excellent weekly podcast he hosts along with Michael McMillan (of True Blood fame) and musical genius Riley Bray, Bigfoot Collectors Club. Two episodes have already aired (Sunday evenings) but the show will now be moving to Discovery Plus.

Expedition Bigfoot is a fun show that’s really well produced and is enjoyable even for those who are not “believers” or fans of cryptids and such. Some of what they cover might really leave you reconsidering some of your preconceived notions. I apologize in advance for a few parts where the audio is a bit sketchy, but we’re all still on lockdown and Skype was misbehaving a few times. In any event, enjoy the interview and check out some of Bryce’s other work linked above.