Foreign and domestic (Antifa) terror threats continue against police in NYC

The Intelligence Bureau of the NYPD is warning all of the officers working in and around New York City about ongoing threats of terrorist attacks against them. Hopefully, the officers didn’t need too much of a warning since they’ve already been the targets of repeated violent attacks this year. In June alone, two NYPD officers were shot and another was stabbed in what was determined to be an Islamic terror attack. During the recent wave of riots, officers were physically assaulted by Antifa thugs and members of the rioting mobs. And according to a recent memo sent to all personnel, the situation is continuing to deteriorate. The threats aren’t just coming by way of random attacks in the streets. Domestic terrorists are bringing the fight to the cops outside of working hours. (CBS New York)

The NYPD is circulating a memo warning its own about continuing threats against current and former officers from terrorists and extremists…

A new Intelligence Bureau memo sent to uniformed members Friday says law enforcement and military personnel remain prime targets for violent extremists.

The memo outlines recent threats from traditional al-Qaida aligned networks as well as anarchists and neo-Nazis.

Threats include lone-wolf attacks and knife-wielding assassinations.

Most of this is pretty chilling. The memo warns officers to be very situationally aware, particularly when leaving the station at the end of their shift. Officers are warned that “there may be people that are watching you, surveilling you, following you to see where you go, to see where you live.”

But why the sustained increase in attacks on police officers? The Intelligence Bureau doesn’t see much of a mystery there, either. One security analyst said that domestic terrorists are planning attacks while most of the public remains distracted, both by the pandemic and all of the anti-police rhetoric filling the streets. They’re finding it easier to get away with this mayhem when many police departments are struggling to get the job done with fewer resources after the Defund the Police movement took hold in municipal governments.

Further, the PBA president added to these warnings, noting that it’s not just the thugs in the streets causing problems. When elected officials demonize the police and turn the public against them, would-be terrorists are emboldened and are more inclined to strike.

PBA President Patrick Lynch said in part, “In today’s anti-police environment, these threats are more serious than ever before. Those in power who use their platform to demonize police officers need to realize that their words matter. They are giving inspiration and encouragement to violent extremists of every stripe.”

Sadly, this isn’t a situation that’s unique to New York City. We’ve been covering stories here all year long coming out of Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and more. Wherever you see these riots taking place there is certainly property destruction and looting, but there are also attacks on the police. And it should come as no surprise that these are also the same hotspots where you hear the most talk about defunding or abolishing the police. All of this is part of a larger tapestry, and if we only look at the issue through a narrow lens, we’re missing that bigger picture.