Child rapist to receive taxpayer-funded transgender surgery in prison

I’d start with “Ho, ho, ho,” but this isn’t a joke. In 2007, a Wisconsin monster by the name of Mark Allen Campbell was arrested. I prefer the term “monster” to something more generic like “criminal” in this case because Campbell was convicted of raping and abusing his own ten-year-old daughter. He was sentenced to 34 years in prison, which may have been a bit on the light side, but it is what it is.

That should have been the end of the story, but it wasn’t. After going to prison, Campbell declared that he was now a transgender woman going by the name of Nicole Rose Campbell. He requested and was eventually given taxpayer-funded hormone therapy as part of his “transition.” Now, after numerous rounds of legal battles, he will apparently be able to undergo “gender surgery,” also at the expense of the taxpayers. (The Postmillennial)

In December 2020 a federal judge declared that Campbell at age 49, now identifying as a transgender woman, has a Constitutional right to gender affirmation surgery, paid by the taxpayers.

Racine Correctional Institute, a men’s prison, where Campbell has been housed has allowed Campbell to dress in women’s clothing and wear make-up. Campbell has received taxpayer-funded hormone treatments and counseling since being incarcerated. In 2013, six years into the prison term, Campbell requested gender confirmation surgery.

At the time, Campbell’s request was denied. In 2016, Campbell filed a lawsuit claiming that Campbell’s Eighth Amendment rights had been violated as Department of Corrections officials were “indifferent” to Campbell’s “medical needs.”

The story gets even more twisted from there. US District Judge James Peterson, an Obama appointee, determined that Peterson has the “most severe form of gender dysphoria.” (Peterson is not a doctor, just by the way.) As a result, it would be needlessly cruel to deny Campbell the surgery he had requested. The problem is that there’s a lengthy waiting list for surgical appointments. It may take up to a year before Campbell will be able to have his genitals surgically removed.

That left Judge Peterson in a bit of a pickle. (Sorry…) What could be done with Campbell in the meantime. No problem! He’s recommended that the inmate be transferred to a woman’s prison to await his date with the surgeon.

So, to recap. This monster raped and abused his own 10-year-old daughter over a considerable period of time. (Some of the details are in the linked article, but I won’t reprint that part of the horror show here.) Then, after being caught and sent to prison, this male convict who was raping a female victim suddenly claimed to be a woman. The prison almost immediately bought this story and allowed him to begin wearing women’s clothing and makeup in the correctional institute. Taxpayer-funded hormones were pumped into his system for a number of years.

Now, assuming the judge’s directives are followed, they will be moving a still-intact, convicted male rapist into a women’s detention facility for as much as a year. What could possibly go wrong?

More to the point, why are the taxpayers being saddled with the cost of this misguided science experiment? I know things have generally been going to hell in a handbasket in Minnesota since COVID struck and the BLM riots began, but is there just something in the water out there now? All I can say is that if this maniac manages to find the opportunity to assault and damage anyone else during this “transitional” period, the blame is going to rest squarely on the shoulders of that judge. Campbell is safely locked away in an appropriate facility for the monstrous crimes he committed. Making these sorts of changes to his arrangements will only place more people in danger.

David Strom 6:41 PM on September 26, 2022
David Strom 4:41 PM on September 26, 2022