Interview: The need for more media coverage in the tech sector

This week brought the launch of a new media portal covering a variety of topics dealing heavily with humanity’s advancements in technology. The Debrief covers an array of subjects, focusing on science, aerospace, military and defense, space travel, and even Unidentified Aeriel Phenomenon (UAP). The portal was launched by a few reporters and broadcasters who are probably familiar to regular readers. They include investigative journalists Tim McMillan and MJ Banias, along with author, researcher, and radio host Micah Hanks.

Since these are all topics that we touch on here from time to time and are of particular interest to me, I invited Micah Hanks to come back and discuss this new endeavor, along with the future of media as it seeks to cover these constantly evolving fields. We talked about the launch of The Debrief, of course, but as usual, the conversation quickly spiraled off into the realms of the potential threats posed by Artificial Intelligence, genetic engineering, the origins of human consciousness, and even UFOs. Turn on your volume, click play below, and come along for the ride.

When you’re done with that, check out the new article from Tim McMillan that just dropped today. The Pentagon is still refusing to publicly discuss anything to do with the UAP Task Force and what they have learned from their investigation of inexplicable encounters with UFOs. But Tim found a number of highly placed military and government officials who were willing to talk. And what they revealed will be shocking to most of us. Without giving too much away, multiple sources confirmed that the Pentagon is in possession of an “extremely clear” photograph taken by a fighter jet pilot of a “triangular” shaped craft that was observed rising up out of the ocean and then shooting up into the sky at tremendous speed. No one has any idea what it was or where it came from.

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