Old and busted: Defund the police. New hotness: Defund the Pentagon

Old and busted: Defund the police. New hotness: Defund the Pentagon

I believe that this is what psychologists and therapists refer to as “mental upscaling.” After months of seeing people marching in the streets and chanting about how we need to defund the police, Missouri Democratic congressional candidate Cori Bush is taking things to the next level. Rather than going after small potatoes like the local cops (though she still wants to do that also), she’s suggesting that we need to defund the entire Pentagon. The money saved by doing this would supposedly be channeled into “social services.” And if you think this sort of a crackpot idea is an outlier, think again. Her proposal has already been endorsed by at least one member of “the squad.” (Daily Caller)

Democratic Missouri congressional candidate Cori Bush said she wanted to “defund the Pentagon” in a Tuesday tweet.

“If you’re having a bad day, just think of all the social services we’re going to fund after we defund the Pentagon,” Bush wrote.

If you’re having a bad day, just think of all the social services we’re going to fund after we defund the Pentagon.

The post, which garnered over 37,000 likes from users, was retweeted by Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.

As noted above, this doesn’t mean that Bush is giving up on defunding the police. She’s still beating that drum as well.

The frightening part of this is that the crackpot in question is virtually guaranteed a seat in Congress next year. She somehow defeated William Lacy Clay in the primary and Missouri’s First District is so heavily tilted to the left that you could elect a ham sandwich to Congress if it had a “D” after its name.

So what would defunding the Pentagon look like? Bush doesn’t say. As with so many of the radicals swarming the streets these days, it’s just another throwaway line designed to stir people up and provoke opposition to law and order or authority in general. What we do know is that such a harebrained move would effectively collapse the American military. At that point, Bush and her cohorts wouldn’t need to worry about defunding anything because there wouldn’t be a country left to fund.

We’re fortunate that a nonsensical proposal like this won’t even get off the ground in Congress. Even among the Democrats, we haven’t entirely reached the point of suicidal insanity. At least not yet. But we are accumulating a dangerous collection of these socialist wannabes at the moment. In addition to Bush and “the squad” there are others who have been eyeing a seat on the furthest-left bandwagon. And more and more “rising stars” in the Democratic tent are coming from the mobs in the streets rather than individuals who spent time serving their communities at the local level.

Perhaps I’m too much of an optimist, but I can’t see this trend continuing on to the stage where these radicals could actually destabilize the country to the point of collapse. We’ve seen shifts in both directions over the past several generations and the pendulum always eventually swings back the other way. When the country gets a good look at elected officials like Bush and then compares her words to the violence they see engulfing the streets, I have to believe that common sense – or at least a sense of self-preservation – will kick in. It may take another election cycle or two for reality to set in, but we’re going to get through this one way or the other.

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