Welker should ask Trump and Biden about UFOs, says... Newsweek?

We’ve already learned some of what we should expect from the final presidential debate this week. For one thing, we know that the candidates’ microphones are going to be muted at times, possibly to avoid any “spicey” encounters. We’ve also heard that the original, scheduled focus of the debate, foreign policy, has been essentially scrapped by Kristen Welker. She will instead go back to the same list of topics that were dealt with last time, such as the pandemic, racial inequity, police reform, etc. But there’s one subject missing from the list. When will a debate moderator ask the candidates about the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force and whether or not they plan to release government information on UFO incursions into our air space? If you think it’s just me and the ufology enthusiasts asking about this, think again. The question popped up this week at Newsweek.

2020 has been a shocking year, to say the least, so is it really unrealistic that the topic of UFOs could surface at the next presidential debate? Believe it or not, some Americans want to see President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden address the topic of national security in a totally new way on Thursday night.

Bryce Zabel, writer and producer of NBC’s Dark Skies, published a Medium article on Monday that questions if debate moderator and NBC reporter Kristen Welker could bring up the topic of UFOs during the final presidential debate before the 2020 election.

Zabel makes many good points as usual, but then again, UFOs are sort of his beat. So do I think that Welker will set aside her anti-Trump agenda long enough to field a topic like this? No. I would say the chances are basically zero. There are still too many people in mainstream media who are afraid that broaching the subject would make them appear unserious or even unhinged. I was doing some searching this afternoon and couldn’t locate a single instance where Welker has even touched on the topic.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth asking about or somehow not a valid point of debate. The simple fact that Newsweek was willing to bring it up at all shows how far the UFO topic has migrated from the realm of paranormal research into the mainstream media. Tucker Carlson hits the subject regularly on Fox News. Both Jake Tapper and Michael Smerconish have done serious segments about UAP incursions on CNN. The New York Times and the Washington Post have both done multiple articles covering these strange craft without making jokes about it.

As for the candidates, President Trump has been asked multiple times, most recently by Maria Bartiromo on Fox. He’s never given us an answer beyond saying that he would “check into it” up until now, but he hasn’t brushed it off entirely, either. But we’ve yet to hear anything from Joe Biden on this topic. The same Bryce Zabel referenced above helpfully published a UFO briefing memo for Joe Biden earlier this year, though I’ve seen nothing to indicate that Uncle Joe looked it over.

One reporter in New Hampshire kept asking every Democratic presidential candidate that swung through the state during the primaries about their position on UAP, but he somehow never got around to Joe Biden. So we really don’t know where Joe stands or if he has any position at all. But if he does somehow wind up winning the election, he should really get up to speed. Even Harry Reid has admitted that there is a ton more evidence that the public hasn’t seen and that UFOs have shut down some of our nuclear weapons facilities in the past. If they are in our restricted military airspace, they are a security concern.

With all that in mind, perhaps Kristen Welker could give this a second (or first) glance. Who knows? The President might just decide to drop a truth bomb in the middle of the debate. And wouldn’t that just be a totally 2020 thing to happen right about now?