Interview: Micah Hanks on UFO disclosure in 2020

This week we’re speaking once again with Micah Hanks, an author, radio host and researcher of all things Fortean. I asked Micah to join us again because he recently dredged up some news items from decades ago that appear eerily similar to some of the reports we’ve been covering over the past couple of years involving US military encounters with unidentified flying objects, UFOs, UAPs or whatever you’re choosing to call them these days. The incidents in question took place back in the 1970s, but when put in the context of current news and government revelations, they suggest that these specific phenomena are not recent arrivals in our skies but may have been with us for a very long time indeed.


After that, we talk about how UAP are being covered (or in some cases, not covered) in the American press these days and whether or not one of the biggest stories in the history of humanity is simply being pushed off the page by the pandemic, the election and everything else that’s absorbing our collective attention. Before getting to the interview, here are some of the relevant links for the topics we cover and additional background information. Enjoy!

The episode of the Micah Hanks Program where he explores the Coyne encounter, and the disappearance of Freddy Valentich.

More on Frederick Valentich.

Background of the Coyne encounter.

Books by Micah Hanks.

All of Micah’s content offerings.

On with the interview!

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