Joe Biden would really like you to forget that he opposed Trump's China travel ban

Last Thursday (September 10th), when Joe Biden’s National Press Secretary, TJ Ducko, sat down on Fox News for an interview with Bret Baier, it didn’t go well. As Allahpundit wrote that same day, Ducklo came off as a stuttering, angry boxer who was continually caught on the ropes. But there was one part of that interview that’s drawing renewed attention as Biden’s campaign attempts to ramp up their attacks on President Trump’s handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Bair brought up Biden’s original opposition to Trump’s decision to impose a travel ban on China to hinder the spread of the virus. The prompted Ducklo to go into full denial mode, claiming that his boss’s support of (or at least failure to oppose) the travel ban had been “fact-checked to death.” But it turns out that whoever was doing the fact-checking for them was asleep at the switch. (Free Beacon)

Joe Biden’s national press secretary claimed Thursday that the former vice president was in favor of President Donald Trump’s decision to restrict travel from China, but all of Biden’s public comments, including from the day the decision was announced, indicate otherwise.

“Joe Biden has been clear that he was not against that travel ban at the time,” TJ Ducklo told Fox News anchor Bret Baier. Ducklo’s claim contrasts with Biden’s previous statements on the travel restrictions, including some made on the very day the policy was announced. Less than an hour after Health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar declared the coronavirus a public health emergency and announced the China travel ban, Biden took the stage at a campaign event in Iowa and went after Trump’s “hysterical xenophobia.”

Here’s the brief video clip of the exchange. Ducklo is once again on the ropes and becoming increasingly flustered.

We’ve grown used to seeing both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris flip-flopping from the positions they took during the primary on a regular basis, but this one is just a flat-out lie. As the Free Beacon points out, it was only a matter of moments after Trump announced the ban when Joe Biden, in the middle of a campaign event in Iowa, seized the microphone and lit into the President. “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria xenophobia, hysterical xenophobia, and fear-mongering to lead the way instead of science,” Biden said.

Do you suppose there’s a way to interpret “Trump’s…hysterical xenophobia and fear-mongering” as being supportive of the order? But that wasn’t the only time Biden said this, lest his media defenders choose to make this another case where he simply “misspoke” about his own policy and then walked it back. Later that same day he took to Twitter to launch another attack on the travel ban.

Trump’s travel ban is “a direct betrayal of America’s most fundamental freedom… And now he’s adding more countries to his list of who’s not welcome in America.” You tell me. Does that sound like it translates to anything about the ban being a sound policy to help prevent the spread of the plague? Not hardly.

Well into March, after the severity of this disaster was becoming obvious, Biden was still bashing travel bans in general as a way to fight the spread of the pandemic.

But now that we’re into September, his National Press Secretary is going out and rewriting history, claiming that Biden “has been clear that he wasn’t against that travel ban at the time.”

This isn’t some random Biden surrogate getting caught with a gotcha question and fumbling the ball. This is his Press Secretary. If Ducklo doesn’t know Biden’s mind and his history (well… at least his history), then what is he doing holding this job? If this was a fumble, it was a bad one. But far more likely is that Biden’s team is simply lying (again) and trying to rewrite the history of his poor judgment as the early stages of the pandemic played out.

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