Sunday morning talking heads

Before we get to who you’ll be seeing on the Sunday shows today, we should highlight the one very public figure who will be missing in action. That’s right. Sleepy Joe Biden will apparently be sleeping late since he’s not showing up anywhere this morning. He’ll have plenty of surrogates out there making his case, including his Veep pick, but no questions for Joe. That’s just par for the course this year.

On ABC’s This Week, you’ll find two guests this week. The first is Florida Congresswoman Val Demings (D) who has been trotted out a lot recently, probably for her willingness to blame the Bad Orange Man for, well… pretty much anything. For a preview of her rope-a-dope style of debate, look no further than the transcript of her appearance last week on Face the Nation. The host had to ask her no less than five times whether rioting was bad before she finally admitted that we are a nation of laws and anyone who breaks the law – up to and including the President – must be held accountable. You can expect more of the same today. They’ll also interview Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) who will probably be asked about his decision to reopen the schools in his state.

CNN’s State of the Union has Dana Bash filling in for Jake Tapper again. She was lucky (?) enough to get Kamala Harris this week, as well as an interview with VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. You can expect more of the same from Harris, finding a way to frame every answer in a way that blames Trump for all the ills of the world while saying almost nothing about policy. If the subject of the rioting comes up, watch for her to adopt the new, panic-driven line from Team Biden about how those who break the law must be held accountable before returning to the “mostly peaceful” line. Wilke has been making the rounds this week doing damage control from that story about the President allegedly calling fallen service members “losers.” He was in Atlanta this week talking about how we are improving veterans’ services during the pandemic, so they’ll probably talk about that.

Meet the Press will have the Secretaries of State for both Ohio and Michigan. Given the polling in both states and all of the questions about mail-in voting, you can probably guess what they’ll be asked about. They’ll also have Karen Brinson Bell of the North Carolina State Board of Elections. You’re probably sensing a theme here. The battle is still raging over mail-in voting and what impact it will have in November on both how long it will be before we know the results and whether massive voter fraud will show up.

Face the Nation has Allianz chief economic adviser Mohamed el-Erian. He’s been making the rounds this week, talking about the stock market plunge we just saw, as well as offering some controversial takes on why the economic recovery isn’t proceeding more quickly. (Spoiler alert: He blames the novel coronavirus.) Oh, and instead of a “v-shaped” or “u-shaped” recovery, he says we’re experiencing a “square root” recovery. If you figure out what that means, let me know. They’ll also be talking to Scott Gottlieb and David Rubenstein.

Fox News Sunday will feature an interview with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. It’s a safe bet that he’ll be asked to address the debt. Why is that coming up now? Because this week we heard an estimate that the country’s total debt will exceed the value of our entire economy by next year. With another round of pandemic stimulus spending in the works, Mnuchin will probably be expected to explain how everything is going to be fine and we can just continue to pluck cash off of the magic money tree in the Rose Garden.