Dem unions planning strikes over social justice... just in time for the election

Thus far there’s no official announcement or projected date, but some of the staunchest allies of the Democrats are cooking up one of the most shamelessly political maneuvers I can ever recall seeing in an effort to squeak out a win in November. With Joe Biden’s poll number slipping in several critical states, a collection of labor unions have issued a letter calling for a general, national strike to obtain “racial justice” and to support the Black Lives Matter movement. You don’t need to look much further than the list of unions signing on to this scheme to see what’s going on. But the net effect, if they manage to pull this off, would be another gutshot to the economy just as we roll into the final couple of months before voters go to the polls. (Associated Press)

Ahead of Labor Day, unions representing millions across several working-class sectors are threatening to authorize work stoppages in support of the Black Lives Matter movement amid calls for concrete measures that address racial injustice.

In a statement first shared with The Associated Press, labor leaders who represent teachers, autoworkers, truck drivers and clerical staff, among others, signaled a willingness Friday to escalate protest tactics to force local and federal lawmakers to take action on policing reform and systemic racism. They said the walkouts, if they were to move forward with them, would last for as long as needed.

The real objective here is painfully obvious. The Democrats are desperate to keep the economy shut down as much as possible and the maximum number of people out of work until the election, banking on the idea that voters who are unhappy will vote against the party in power. (And traditionally that’s not a bad bet.) But with more and more people revolting against continuing the shutdowns and being eager to get back to work, many states are already reopening. spurring lower unemployment numbers and slow signs of improvement.

This is similar to all of the trash-talking going on about a vaccine becoming available in the next month or so. If there’s an end to the pandemic in sight, voters might not feel so bad about keeping the status quo in place. The Democrats would far prefer to see the economy “miraculously” spring back into action and the pandemic fade away after November 4th so Joe Biden can take credit for it. So if things start looking better on the jobs front, one way to turn that progress around would be a massive labor strike for “social justice.”

So which unions are speaking up in favor of a shutdown of business and more workers being out on the streets? The gang’s all here, with the usual suspects who always show up when the Democrats need cash or a larger megaphone. The list includes the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and affiliates of the National Education Association (the teachers’ unions). These are the fattest cash cows funding the Democratic Party, but it looks like now they’re willing to do more than simply pour money into the DNC’s coffers.

So what are the “demands” that need to be met in order to end the strike, assuming they manage to organize it? Let’s take a look.

“We echo the call to local and federal government to divest from the police, to redistribute the stolen wealth of the billionaire class, and to invest in what our people need to live in peace, dignity, and abundance: universal health care and housing, public jobs programs and cash assistance, and safe working conditions,” the statement reads.

Again, this is the same old song and dance we always hear with some new “anti-racism” initiatives added in for 2020 flavoring.

“Divest from the police” = Defund or abolish the police.
“Redistribute the stolen wealth” of billionaires = Wealth tax, the abolition of the most successful
“Universal health care” – Medicare for All
“Universal housing” = Nobody has to pay rent
“Cash assistance” = Universal basic income for those unable or unwilling to work

Of course, none of those things are achievable in any immediate time frame, but that doesn’t matter. If Joe Biden somehow wins the election, the strike will miraculously come to an end the day after the results are called despite not a single one of their stated demands having been met. That way the Democrats can take credit for the amazing “Biden recovery” of jobs and the economy. They’ll no doubt push for the immediate release of the first available COVID vaccine on the same day.

It’s still not clear if they could actually get their workers to go along with this scheme after so many of them have been out of work for so long. But never sell the unions short. If there’s a way to make this happen, they’ll do it.

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Ed Morrissey 10:01 AM on December 06, 2022