NY Dem: I will pass this law that my opponent wrote and was signed three years ago

In New York’s 21st Congressional District this year we have a rematch between Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and Democrat Tedra Cobb. You may recall Ms. Cobb from the 2018 cycle when she was caught on camera telling a little bit too much truth to one of her supporters. The fact that the truth was the precise opposite of what she’d been saying on the campaign trail in an attempt to win support among the more conservative voters in the Empire State’s North Country didn’t sit very well. She later went on to go down in ignominious defeat to Stefanik in November.

Well, now she’s back for another bite at the apple. And rather than trying to pass off the same old bits of mendacity, she’s apparently opted for a new campaign strategy. She’s promising to pass a popular bit of legislation intended to help out the military families and veterans in her district. (And that district has a lot of them.) Known as the Military Family Stability Act, the plan is designed to afford more flexibility to military families in their assignments and responsibilities so they can better care for their spouses and children. It’s actually quite popular and a big winner with the voters of the 21st District. And it should be, since Elise Stefanik not only wrote the bill but got it signed into law by President Trump in December of 2017. (Free Beacon)

Cobb accused her opponent, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R.), of turning a “blind eye” to American soldiers in a Tuesday tweet promoting her own “plan to support our veterans.” While Cobb’s plan says New York veterans “deserve more than what they are getting from Washington,” one of its proposed reforms is the Military Family Stability Act, which Stefanik first sponsored in January 2017.

“Support legislation such as the Military Family Stability Act, which provides flexible timing when moving for new assignments,” Cobb’s plan says.

Should Cobb’s congressional bid prove successful, however, the Democrat would not be able to vote in support of Stefanik’s bill. The legislation was signed into law in December 2017. Stefanik criticized Cobb, who did not return a request for comment, for failing to follow the bill’s progress.

Are we being a bit mean-spirited by pointing this out? Perhaps. But it’s election season and all bets are off for the most part. And as the Democrats’ current presidential candidate might say… c’mon, man.

This is all too reminiscent of the race from two years ago. Watching Cobb on the campaign trail was frequently an exercise in entertainment. I often found myself wondering if she was really the best they could do and was there no kind soul who could volunteer to pull her away from the lectern before she shoved her foot even further down her throat? That thought was primarily tongue in cheek, but now it seems to be the case in cold, hard reality. The Democrats are running her again despite the considerable drubbing she suffered last time.

Or perhaps there’s simply no other Democrat who either wants the job or feels up to the challenge. The North Country is a breathtakingly beautiful, massive tract of land in Upstate New York stretching all along the Candian border, down along the Vermont border and taking in much of the Adirondack Mountains. (Disclosure: My family has a camp on one of the lakes in her district.) Despite its huge size there are barely 700,000 people who live there year-round. Most of them value privacy and personal liberty. Oh, and pretty much everyone up there owns firearms. It’s not exactly fertile ground for liberal Democrats.

But let’s give Tedra Cobb credit for one thing at least. She’s come up with a policy idea that the majority of voters in her district will be supporting up and down the line. Perhaps she could convince Congresswoman Stefanik to try to pass the bill into law again just so she could put her name on it this time. What’s that? No? Ah, well. Never hurts to ask.

If you’d like to see a bit more of her opponent, Congresswoman Stefanik, she will be joining President Trump at the convention tonight where she will be one of the featured speakers. She’s very good on the stump and always worth taking the time to tune in.