Mother seeking to turn son into daughter gets sole custody

As some of you may recall, last October I wrote about the case of (then) seven-year-old James Younger of Texas. His parents were divorcing, in large part because James’ mother had begun addressing him as a girl at the age of three and at seven was preparing to begin working with a doctor to “transition” James into Luna, the daughter she apparently always wanted. These plans included introducing artificial hormones into James and then moving to puberty-blocking medication. The alarmed father went to court to ensure that he would retain joint custody and have the power to veto the idea of such mad-scientist experimentation on his son. In the end, he was awarded joint custody and the matter appeared settled.

Now, less than a year later, this situation has flashed back to critical levels. The mother has landed a court victory on appeal and been granted sole custody of eight-year-old James. She is now free to proceed with these insane plans. (Christian Post)

A mother who’s attempting to gender-transition her 8-year-old son into a girl has been awarded decision-making power regarding her son’s healthcare and schooling, essentially reversing a previous ruling that granted the father co-parenting rights.

In the ongoing case of 8-year-old James Younger, Dallas Judge Mary Brown canceled a hearing that was scheduled for Tuesday and removed his father, Jeffrey Younger, from having any say in his son’s medical, psychological, and psychiatric care. Instead, the judge gave all decision-making power to Dr. Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician and non-biological mother of James and his twin brother, Jude, LifeSite News reported.

Younger has also been ordered by the court to pay for trans-affirming counseling sessions, which he had previously objected to as he was not permitted to help select his son’s counselors.

This is exactly what I was afraid might happen and I attempted to generate some awareness of this possibility last year. At the time, the Governor of Texas, the Attorney General, and Family Protective Services were investigating the Younger case to determine if any sort of child abuse was taking place. (We’ll try to avoid too much eye-rolling here since there was obviously a massive amount of child abuse about to unfold.) At that time I wrote the following:

If the Texas Governor, Attorney General, and Family Protective Services take this ruling as a signal that the issue is now moot and no further investigation is required, we’re right back where we started. Drawing national attention to the case of a mother who began calling their son a girl at the age of three and was preparing “transition” plans at the age of seven seemed like a moment of opportunity.

Well, that opportunity was lost last year and now James Younger is once again in jeopardy. If his non-biological mother is allowed to proceed with her plans, James will be subjected to medical procedures that should never be performed on an otherwise healthy child. The effects of unnaturally unbalanced hormone levels and the chemical delay of the normal onset of puberty may very well produce side effects that can never be overcome. The drug most commonly used to block puberty, Leuprolide Acetate (Lupron) is used only in vanishingly rare cases of extremely early-onset (precocious) puberty and then only for a limited time until the child’s body is prepared to undergo the natural transition to come. And that drug has never been approved for this use by the FDA.

This isn’t the legal and necessary practice of medicine unless you consider The Island of Dr. Moreau to be a documentary about a health clinic. It’s time for Governor Abbott, his Attorney General and Child Protective Services to saddle up the horses again and go step in. James Younger is far too young to understand what’s going on and he is in extreme danger at this moment. A failure to act would be nothing short of criminal.

As I’ve said here repeatedly, what adults capable of giving informed consent do to their own bodies is their business. If you want to fill your system with foreign hormones and have your genitals chopped up, that’s up to you, provided you’re willing to live with the consequences. (Sadly, the suicide rates among transgender surgery recipients tells us that far too many don’t wind up taking advantage of that option.) But when it comes to children, that’s not the case. They are unable to provide informed consent and the fact that we have doctors in this country engaging in this sort of demented experimentation on their bodies is unconscionable.