Ilhan Omar's ride on the gravy train continues

Despite all of the buzz that seemed to be surrounding Ilhan Omar’s primary race over the course of the summer, it ended pretty much as it began. And it wasn’t even all that close. The current tally shows Omar leading challenger Antone Melton-Meaux by a more than comfortable 57-39 margin. Omar retained the support of nearly all of the major Democratic players in Minnesota politics, though Minneapolis’s largest newspaper endorsed her challenger. Since the 5th Congressional District isn’t competitive, she’s essentially assured herself of another two years in office. (Fox News)

Rep. Ilhan Omar on Tuesday defeated her Democratic primary challenger, attorney Antone Melton-Meaux, who garnered attention for outraising her during the campaign, the Associated Press projected.

The race has gotten attention in recent weeks: Melton-Meaux said he supported Omar’s first run for Congress in 2018 but criticized her for the number of votes she’s missed.

“She has been ineffective in Washington because she is divisive, and she’s focused on her celebrity,” Melton-Meaux told The Associated Press.

Melton-Meaux’s complaints about Omar were both obvious and accurate. She’s a divisive figure who regularly unleashes antisemitic comments and seems more interested in her celebrity status than the conditions in the city that makes up most of her district. You know… the one that’s currently burning to the ground?

But as I said, there really wasn’t much data to make anyone think she was in any danger. The only reason this primary race attracted any attention was the fact that Melton-Meaux managed to raise so much money to run against her. Sometimes that can be an indication of a groundswell of support for the challenger, but in this case, most of that cash was coming from national sources opposed to Omar’s continued presence in the House.

Speaking of campaign cash, perhaps of far more interest to the public is the fact that it’s not just Omar’s congressional career that’s received an extension. Her husband and his political consulting firm have also been granted at least another 50-month extension for one of the most profitable ventures we’ve seen in American politics in quite some time. Tim Mynett’s E Street Group has been raking in cash from his wife’s campaign coffers at staggering rates, with more than $600,000 coming his way in just the last quarter.

Since we don’t have access to his personal tax returns, there’s no saying how much he’s managed to transfer to their personal accounts through his salary and any possible “bonus” payments for the excellent work he must be delivering. That is quite literally more money than some congressional campaigns raise during an entire term. And all of that cash is changing hands to manage the campaign of someone who has been an iron lock to win both the primary and general elections from day one.

The other members of Congress have to be looking at each other and saying, ‘how didn’t I think of that?’ Some of the internal monologues going on right now are probably predictable. My husband gives me advice all the time In fact, you can’t get him to shut up half the time. Maybe I should be paying him. Hrmm…

In any event, this chapter of the Omar story is obviously behind us. Now she can return to her national popularity tour and continue her pattern of disparaging the Jews while offering influential “Squad” endorsements to upstart socialists across the land. Let the good times – and the massive campaign cash injections – roll on!