Learning more about the guy who plowed into the Blue Lives Matter demonstration

On Tuesday we learned about Isaih Cordova, the maniac who drove his SUV across a park to plow into a group of demonstrators supporting their local police force. He’s now been released on bond but faces multiple charges when his case goes to trial. Little was known about this loser initially, but local reporters have been doing some digging into his background and found some disturbing patterns. He’s a NeverTrumper, which probably won’t come as much of a surprise, but he also has a history of demonstrating contempt for the police. In other words, he seems like a classic progressive, Antifa-wannabe. (Complete Colorado)

The Eaton man accused of driving his SUV into a group of Back the Blue rally attendees has a history of protesting and contempt for both President Trump and his supporters, as well as law enforcement according to his social media profile.

Isaiah Cordova, 21 of Eaton, was arrested Saturday afternoon on seven counts of first-degree assault, seven counts of felony menacing, and one count of reckless driving. The life-long Eaton Resident graduated from Eaton High School in 2017, and at one point was studying to be a journalist, even submitting an opinion piece to Red Ink, the Eaton High School paper just days after Donald Trump was elected president in 2016.

So our young Mr. Cordova fancied himself a future journalist at some point. Looking at the one example of his work that’s been located thus far, he probably made a wise choice going in another direction. Though with the attitude he’s been demonstrating, he’d probably be a good ideological fit for most MSM newsrooms.

In an ironic twist that demonstrates a complete lack of self-awareness, Cordova went on social media after the 2017 incident where a driver plowed into a group of demonstrators in Charlottesville and called it an act of terrorism.

“And in case you were unclear about the car that smashed into a crowd of protesters, the driver was with the neo-nazis, and the victims were the counter-protesters. So they’re resorting to terrorism now.”

Following that same event, he accused the police of supporting the neo-nazis.

As for Cordova’s intended victims, it looks like everyone is going to wind up being okay. It turns out that Cordova was as much of a failure in this attempt as he was elsewhere in life. Weld County Commissioner Kevin Ross looked into the conditions of all of the Back the Blue demonstrators as soon as he got back into town and described the fact that the damage wasn’t worse as “amazing.”

Ross said not only did Cordova, who drove down into the park, narrowly miss a young mother and her children who were just one-minute earlier rolling down the grass, but also a family of 11 from Fort Lupton and dozens of other rally attendees who scrambled for their lives. Ross added that the numerous people in attendance who were armed and drew their weapons but had the restraint not to fire, and the police officers with their quick reaction to apprehend Cordova, were all phenomenal.

“It is an absolute miracle that no one was hurt,” Ross said. “It goes to show the sheer connection everyone in this community has for each other and their commitment to protect one another.

Cordova is due back in court next Wednesday afternoon (August 5th) to formally hear the charges against him. We’ll try to keep you up to date on this developing story.