Is Joe Biden ready for the UFO question?

As regular readers are already aware, UFOs have been in the news quite a bit lately. There have been major developments in ongoing investigations of the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTA) and what they’ve been up to. Congressional briefings not made available to the media have been taking place. The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is aware that UAPs have been infiltrating our restricted airspace in the middle of military training exercises and over our nuclear weapons facilities. Like it or not, this is a thing that’s happening. As such, it’s eventually going to have to come up in the presidential election. Which candidate will be best suited to deal with this situation as it unfolds?


Over at Medium, Bryce Zabel took up the challenge of determining if Joe Biden is ready to handle this hot potato if and when reporters start asking him about it. (Assuming he ever emerges from his basement again between now and election day.) Volunteering to act as Biden’s unpaid adviser on the subject, the author attempts to prepare Joe Biden for the questions to come and what he needs to say in response.

There’s just no way around this. You need a policy about how you are going to deal with UFOs. In fact, you’ll have to decide if you’re even going to call them that, or whether you’ll use UAP, the new, improved acronym that indicates Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

Either way, the U.S. Navy, the Department of Defense, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Marco Rubio, Harry Reid, the New York Times, half the Twittersphere and even Donald Trump Jr. and his dad have just dumped UFOs smack dab into the middle of your march to the White House.

You are going to be asked about this, and soon, and you better not make a joke about it and talk about little green men. That won’t work anymore. The issue has gotten very serious very quickly.

By the way, you should follow Bryce on Twitter if you have any interest in this subject at all.

Moving on, Bryce is right about one thing there, or at least I certainly hope he is. Politicians can’t simply get away with answering a question about UFOs with a joke about “little green men” and expect to move on to the next topic. This is something that’s happening right now. The New York Times is talking about it. Marco Rubio, the acting Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee is talking about it. And it’s not just a question of strange lights being seen in the sky. This is being viewed as a potentially serious threat to national security. And Joe Biden will need to demonstrate that he’s up to the task. (God help us all.)


If any of our intrepid reporters covering the election are on the ball and up to date on this material, here are some of the questions Bryce believes that Biden will be asked.

  • Will you declassify UFO data? Release the high-resolution full versions of the Navy videos?
  • Does the U.S. possess crash wreckage from “off-world” vehicles?
  • What do you think happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947?
  • Are you aware that these UAP vehicles have repeatedly shown an interest in the world’s nuclear arsenals, and what would you do about it?
  • Were you briefed on this topic either as a Senator or as the Vice-President, and what did you learn?

We’ve seen enough of Joe Biden on the campaign trail over the past couple of years (at least until he disappeared into his basement when the pandemic hit) to have a feel for how he’s been handling questions from the media. To put it charitably, Uncle Joe doesn’t really seem to be at the top of his game anymore, frequently becoming confused about where he is or losing the thread in the middle of a sentence. Is he really ready for the barrage of questions Bryce is laying out if someone in the media actually musters the temerity to ask him?

As noted above, this is no longer a subject Biden can just wave away. Somebody needs to brief him before he either promises to declassify material or says that it would be impossible to do so. (It’s a lot more complicated than a simple, binary choice.) Assuming he was briefed on the topic, either when he was in the Senate or as Barack Obama’s VP, will he be able to get away with saying that he knows things but he can’t say because it’s classified? Sure, he could say that, but the public’s patience for such answers seems to be wearing thin.


I don’t know if anyone would bother asking him about Roswell, but UAP incursions on nuclear arsenals around the globe is an established fact at this point. And it makes people nervous. I sort of feel sorry for both Biden and Trump if they are asked what they “plan to do about it.” How do we know what to do about it when we still don’t really know what “it” is? Or… do we know? Does Joe know? Inquiring minds want to know.

In any event, the subject is now out on the table for debate. I sincerely hope some of the media figures covering the campaign are getting ready to tackle this. And Joe might want to consider putting Bryce on the campaign payroll as a consultant for a while. Otherwise, he’s going to wind up with egg on his face.

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David Strom 4:30 PM | May 28, 2024