Elizondo: The government has "a lot more" UFO videos

Elizondo: The government has "a lot more" UFO videos

We recently learned that the Senate’s Intelligence Authorization Act for 2021 includes a provision for our intelligence agencies to prepare a report on UFO/UAP activities in our airspace and publish it for the public within six months. We don’t know yet if that language will survive the legislative process and make it to the President’s desk intact, but it’s proving to be one of the more exciting developments in the ufology community in the past couple of years. But even if we assume that it’s going to happen, what might the public expect to get out of it?

For one thing, we might see some additional photos or videos of these enigmatic craft. Earlier this year, Pentagon Spokeswoman Susan Gough confirmed that three previously released videos were real and that the military can’t explain the craft being shown in them. But surely there’s got to be a lot more evidence than just those three, right? I mean, they’ve been studying this situation for decades and Navy pilots have reported periods where they were being buzzed on a daily basis. There must be a lot more to it than the few snippets we’ve seen. And at least according to former AATIP director Luis Elizondo, there’s more. There’s a lot more. (Newsweek)

The Pentagon has “a lot more” highly classified videos of so-called unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), the ex-head of a secretive government program has said…

“Am I surprised that the government acknowledged the validity and the veracity of those videos? Not at all,” Elizondo, currently director of government programs at TTSA, told Newsweek. “It was a matter of time, they didn’t have a choice because ultimately, the paper trail goes back to the authenticity of these videos. And anybody who does a little bit of research will recognize that they are real.”

“I knew they were genuine and there’s also a lot more the Pentagon currently has, unfortunately remain highly classified,” he said. “It is truly a historical moment when you have the United States government and multiple agencies in the organization coming forward and saying that the videos are not only real, but they are truly unidentified aerial phenomena.”

While everyone (including yours truly) seems to be locking in on that one quote from Elizondo’s interview with Newsweek, they haven’t provided a video of the discussion so I’m not 100% sure he’s saying what we think he’s saying. Note in the transcript that he says “I knew [the videos] were genuine and there’s also a lot more the Pentagon currently has…”

Granted, perhaps he did mean that the Pentagon has a lot more videos. But he doesn’t explicitly say that. He just says “there’s a lot more the Pentagon has.” That could also mean documents, reports, photographs, pilot testimony or anything else.

Also worth noting was that the last time Susan Gough addressed this specific question she told us in no uncertain terms that there were no other videos. But we later learned from the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) that there is one more video, but it’s classified as SECRET and could not be released at that time. They claim that a request to see if the video could be declassified was sent to Naval Air Systems Command “to make a determination on releasability.” That was over six months ago and we still haven’t had an update.

Does that mean Gough was lying? As I’ve said before, I’m no longer so sure about that. The military-intelligence apparatus is so incredibly complex and segmented into “chimneys” of information that many of the actors involved in such things never know what anyone else is doing It remains a possibility that Susan Gough tried to find answers to our questions but never found anything out and potentially didn’t even know who to ask.

As to the idea that there are only four videos in total, I still call horse-hockey on that claim. The Navy was running into these bizarre craft on a regular basis at least through 2014, particularly around the Roosevelt carrier battle group. To think that they never captured any additional film seems unlikely in the extreme. Now, it may all be more highly classified as Elizondo suggests, but at some point they should be able to share “cleaned up” versions with the public if they are really angling for transparency and, ultimately, Disclosure.

For those who are interested, Luis Elizondo returns for season two of History’s “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation” tonight. I’ll certainly be watching.

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