City of Seattle trains white employees to work on “undoing your own whiteness”

Last time I checked, Seattle had some rather serious law enforcement and riot control issues on its plate to be dealt with. They had their own CHOP zone problems going on, including at least one murder in the areas that were somehow closed off to the police. Oh, and the City Council was taking calls to defund the police seriously as well. Not to worry, kids. I’m sure that the city government is all over this thing and they’ll have their problems sorted out presently. Oh, look! Here’s one of their projects that should square things away in no time. They’re forcing all white city employees to take courses in how to “undo their own whiteness” to eliminate privilege and racism or something. I noticed this news from a Twitter storm coming from Chris Rufo.

You’ll want to click through and follow the entire thread. It’s really something to see. The training session was called “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness.” And as I already said, this was not training for everyone. It was only for white employees.

Workers are instructed to steer clear of “objectivity, individualism, intellectualization, and comfort” because these are all vestiges of internalized racial oppression. Also, white employees are supposed to avoid “speaking too much” because that’s a form of racial superiority via imposition. Of course, they also shouldn’t speak too little because “silence is violence.” Instead, white workers should be encouraged to speak up, but only in the proper manner. They need to practice speech that consistently affirms their “complicity in racism” and strives to “undo their whiteness.”

Not that anyone on the city payroll will likely be willing to stand up and ask the question, but isn’t it patently illegal to have mandatory training (particularly in a taxpayer-funded public operation) that is only applicable to one race? I mean, isn’t that a billion-dollar lawsuit just waiting to happen? And who qualifies as “white” for these purposes and who is excluded from the mandatory training? What if you had a Hispanic grandparent?

Of course, we shouldn’t be all that surprised to learn that this particular city is the site of such madness. Seattle has been a hotbed of such ideas for a while. Recall the (white) yoga instructor who offered classes on “undoing whiteness” and other yoga classes where whites were not allowed

This spring, [Laura] Humpf publicized an “Undoing Whiteness” yoga class at Rainier Beach Yoga, geared toward white people wishing to “unpack the harmful ways white supremacy is embedded” in their “body, mind and heart.” Along with providing a contemplative space, the class would dissect the “pathology of whiteness” — an obliviousness to the batch of privileges society grants white skin — and how it operates in daily life.

Has anyone checked to see if the city has contracted Ms. Humpf to run these classes and possibly throw in a few yoga sessions as well? Seems like she’d be a natural fit. When she first organized her yoga classes where white people were not allowed and others where they were taught to “undo their whiteness,” some public outrage ensued. But now it’s clear that she was simply ahead of her time.

How many tickets did I buy for this 2020 ride? I think I’d like to get off now, please. The Murder Hornets sounded better than this.