What can we expect from Ghislaine Maxwell's court date this week?

Jeffrey Epstein fixer and child procurer (“allegedly“) Ghislaine Maxwell has been transferred to a New York City lockup in advance of her next court appearance. She wound up landing at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. We should immediately wonder whether the prosecutors were trying to send a rather unsubtle message to Maxwell by putting her in the same jail where her former boss had his, er… unfortunate accident when there were other locations available to store her. Nevertheless, she’ll be going before a judge later this week.


But what sort of fireworks (if any) should we expect when she stands before the wheel? Depending on how much credence you give to some of the courthouse gossip going around, it might be quite the show. For one example, we can look to this report from one of her more famous accusers who claimed that Maxwell was sobbing and going into hysterics prior to her previous remote/video appearance. Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claims to have been served up repeatedly to Prince Andrew, told reporters that she had smiled broadly upon hearing Maxwell’s apparent distress and suffering. And if her allegations are true, could you really blame her? (NY Post)

Ghislaine Maxwell broke down in tears and wailed “Why is this happening?” when she faced a judge last week, according to a key accuser who called it “one of the best days of my life.”

Virginia Roberts Giuffre — who has repeatedly claimed Maxwell forced her to have sex with Prince Andrew — claims she heard the anguished cries during the British socialite’s remote appearance before a federal magistrate in New Hampshire hours after her arrest Thursday.

She heard “a very loud British woman screaming, ‘Why is this happening? How is this happening? How could this happen?’ — and just crying her eyes out,” Giuffre told “60 Minutes Australia,” smiling at the memory.

While Giuffre described the event as being “one of the best days of her life,” it’s not entirely clear if her account is true. Reporters covering the hearing claimed that they didn’t hear such anguished cries and wondered whether she had confused someone else on the call for Maxwell. Either way, if it makes her feel better, I’m sure it’s okay.


Of course, we already know who probably isn’t feeling better. That would be the aforementioned Prince Andrew. As Ed Morrissey noted earlier, he’s mysteriously decided to remain in his native country instead of vacationing abroad this year. And possibly for many years to come.

If Maxwell was expecting any sympathy from the local press upon her arrival in New York City, she’s probably going to come away disappointed. NY Post columnist Maureen Callahan welcomed her to Gotham with an op-ed informing Maxwell that she needs to “spare us the poor little rich girl” act.

But by all means, let’s keep hearing about what a victim Ghislaine Maxwell is. How she had the misfortune to fall in love with Jeffrey Epstein and how powerless she was under the intoxicating spell of this pedophile and serial child rapist.

“I know that she would have died to marry him,” a Maxwell pal told Vanity Fair. “She would have done anything for him. He trumped everybody and everything.”

Ladies — who among us can’t relate?

And since Maxwell only ever wanted Epstein to love her — impossible when your boyfriend is into children — she would put up with all sorts of abuse. She was Epstein’s beard at high-society galas, his age-appropriate arm candy, while behind closed doors she was allegedly nothing more than a pimp. He was only ever interested in sex with her if a child was involved.

Poor Ghislaine!

Welcome to the NY media market, Ms. Maxwell. You can likely expect more of the same in the future. Of course, it’s still possible that she may get off with little to no jail time, even if she’s convicted. If you go back to the article I linked at the top regarding her transfer to a New York City jail, there’s an interesting quote in there. One source familiar with the pending case told the Post that “a plea deal is possible if Maxwell “has proof which will lead to the conviction of bigger fish.” And given the previous rumors that Maxwell has videotapes that could prove very uncomfortable for many powerful individuals and is currently facing the possibility of what would work out to be a life sentence, they likely have very good reason to be worried indeed.


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David Strom 6:40 PM | April 18, 2024