Denver protesters add ICE abolishment to George Floyd demands

The protesters in Denver, Colorado who are calling for “racial and societal justice” have been upping their game this week. In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, the activists had been demanding accountability and reform for the police, if not defunding or simply abolishing them. But during an automobile caravan on Saturday, they added some additional demands to the list. Apparently, because they feel that Floyd was murdered by an out of control cop, there should also be an end to evictions for those who haven’t paid their rent. Oh, and they would like ICE to be abolished also. (CBS Denver)

About 100 cars took part in a caravan for racial and societal justice on Saturday afternoon. A dozen organizations banded together for the event which demanded changes from the state’s eviction moratorium to abolishing Immigration Customs and Enforcement.

“I think what we’ve been feeling these past couple weeks is that people are really fed up,” said Lillian House, a spokeswoman for the Party for Socialism and Liberation-Denver. “People are really fed up with all the kinds of violence that the system is inflicting on them and with people we care about.”

The caravan gathered north of downtown Denver and made its way with signs, honking, and cheering to the detention center used by ICE in Aurora.

Many people have fallen behind on their rent or mortgage payments since the novel coronavirus broke out and governments forced many employers to shut down. Those issues were compounded by unemployment processing systems being overwhelmed by the volume of applicants resulting in too many being able to access benefits. But would anyone care to tell me what George Floyd has to do with this issue? Was he being evicted?

Even more to the point, how does ICE figure into the entire Floyd saga? He wasn’t picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for allegedly passing a counterfeit bill. Was he an illegal alien but nobody in the media has bothered reporting that tidbit?

Obviously, these things are unrelated except in the minds of the social justice warriors who can make a connection between racism and virtually anything. They were demanding that everyone currently held in the Aurora detention center used by ICE be released. Why? They managed to tie two different SJW complaints into this demand. First of all, they said that “immigration” isn’t illegal, ergo it’s inherently racist to detain illegal aliens. As a bonus, they threw in the COVID-19 outbreak. There were allegedly 13 cases of the disease at the detention center at the end of last month. It’s unclear how they are doing this week.

This is just a repeating pattern that we’re seeing all over the country right now. Liberal protesters obviously feel that the horrific video of George Floyd being killed has both the police and the government in general back on their heels and ready to make concessions. And if that’s the case, they’re going to pile on every item from the SJW wishlist that they can while they believe that an opportunity exists. George Floyd has quickly transformed from a symbol of the need for reform in some police precincts to “give us everything we’ve been asking for or we’ll burn down your cities.”

The worst part is that there are far too many liberal, municipal leaders who appear to more than willing to go along with this plan. Never let a good crisis go to waste, as the saying goes.