Escape while you can. De Blasio defunding NYPD

Earlier today, while discussing AOC’s half-baked proposal to defund the police, I noted what the unfortunate results of such a move would be. Thankfully, that was only a hypothetical conversation… at least until a few hours later. No matter how bad things might get in New York City under the administration of Bill de Blasio, we were never going to fall that far down the rabbit hole, right? Well, hang onto your hat, Alice, and keep an eye out for a giant bunny with a pocket watch. After just saying on Friday that he was opposed to doing anything along those lines, Hizzoner did yet another complete about-face and announced plans to “shift funds away” from the NYPD. (NBC News)

Hours after announcing he would be lifting the curfew in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed a series of reforms to the New York Police Department in response to the protests over the death of George Floyd that have gripped the city in the past week.

During his Sunday press conference, de Blasio announced four proposals:

1. Shift funding from NYPD to youth and social services

2. Reform 50-a, the law used to prevent police misconduct records from being released to the public

3. NYPD will no long be responsible for vendor enforcement

4. Bring community voices into senior level of NYPD

As usual, I first saw this news showing up on Twitter, followed by the precise amount of appropriately snarky sarcasm in response from Scottie Nell Hughes.

I would be laughing more at Scottie’s take on this if the matter weren’t so serious. If you’ve been out on the streets at night in New York City lately (or simply seen video coverage), you know that the situation is grim. Currently, a lot of the crime that the NYPD is battling is being committed by opportunists who are blending in with the George Floyd protests, though I’d wager a fair amount of them have never even heard of the man. But things were already ramping up on the crime front even before these protests began.

We just had an NYPD cop stabbed in the neck the other night. Thankfully he will recover. Others weren’t so lucky. If you go to this link at the Officer Down Memorial Page you can see the names and faces of the two dozen police officers who have already been shot to death in America this year. Three of them were just in the past week.

Entire city blocks in the Big Apple are currently composed of burned-out husks or empty storefronts with all of their windows smashed out. Adding to the mayhem are the hoards of criminals that the Mayor has been busily dumping back out on the streets via his twin initiatives to empty the jails and put an end to cash bail in most cases. And this is the moment when he decides to cave into the mob and move funding away from the police.

When is enough going to be enough? The Mayor’s relationship with the police has been abysmal pretty much since he first took the oath of office. This is probably the final nail in that coffin. We recently looked at the growing trend of New Yorkers snapping up real estate in Connecticut and fleeing the city. If you happen to live there and have two functioning brain cells left to rub together, don’t let all of those folks beat you to the punch. As Sam Kinnison once said in one of his classic comedy routines, pack your kids and your s**t and get out while you can.

New York City may actually be too far gone to save, and Gotham’s liberal denizens keep electing the same useful idiots to run the place year after year. It’s not going to get any better, and it honestly probably isn’t going to be safe to stay there for much longer. Get out. But do me a favor and don’t move upstate near where I live. We don’t need our real estate prices to shoot through the roof.