NYC Mayor's daughter arrested during riots

The people of New York City are rightly looking to their Mayor to come up with an answer to the riots and destruction that’s sending the Big Apple up in flames this week. But how’s he supposed to contain the mayhem if he can’t even keep his own family out of the melee? Bill de Blasio’s 25-year-old daughter Chiara was arrested last night shortly before midnight, along with a group of other rioters who were shutting down traffic in an area where police were being attacked. It’s unclear if the cops even knew who they were loading into the squad car at the time. (NY Post)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter was arrested at a Manhattan protest on Saturday night, law enforcement sources told The Post on Sunday.

Chiara de Blasio, 25, was taken into custody around 10:30 p.m. after cops declared an unlawful assembly at 12th Street and Broadway in Lower Manhattan, the sources said.

She had allegedly been blocking traffic on Broadway and was arrested after refusing to move, the source said.

“That was a real hotspot, police cars were getting burned there, people were throwing and yelling, fighting with cops. There were thousands of people in that area at that time,” the source said.

Hizzoner’s daughter was allegedly part of a mob of people who were blocking traffic on Broadway, including police vehicles and ambulances. Some NYPD cars were on fire nearby and rioters were physically attacking the police in the area. Chiara de Blasio may not have been one of the people actively setting the fires or taking a swing at the cops, but she was part of the overall effort. Rather than speaking out against the violence, she was an active participant in spreading it.

Granted, she’s not an elected official, even though she lives in the Governor’s mansion. But that’s a pretty poor message to send. City Hall hadn’t returned a request for comment as of this morning.

Significant portions of New York City’s infrastructure are being destroyed. The fire department can’t even reach most of the fires to try to fight them because of the justifiable fear that they will be attacked by the mob when they reach the scene. This is the sort of damage that will take years or even a generation to repair. That’s part of an observation that one of my Twitter followers who is a former resident of Gotham shared with me this morning.

He raises a good point. New York City was already bleeding off its population under the combined burdens of high taxes, excessive regulation, an unsustainable cost of living, and then the pandemic. But once it becomes unsafe to even walk that streets and the police appear unable to protect them, combined with the fact that many of their employers’ places of business are now burned-out husks, those with the ability to flee will likely try to do so. And who could blame them?

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