Interview: Nick Pope on government secrecy and UFOs

This past weekend I was honored to be granted an interview by Nick Pope. For those not familiar, Nick is the man who ran the British Government’s UFO investigative program back in the early nineties. He’s commonly referred to as “the Real Fox Mulder.” He’s the author of multiple books about his experiences, many aspects of the UFO phenomenon, and also some works of science fiction. In particular, his book Open Skies, Closed Minds is a must-read for those interested in the topic of government secrecy and the UFO phenomenon.

I’ll warn you in advance that we were both dealing with some shutdown-related connectivity issues leading to a couple of glitches in Nick’s audio and the failure of my camera to record video of my part of the conversation. (Sadly, you will be denied the thrill of watching me sit in my home office while talking to him.) But Nick’s camera functioned perfectly and the vast majority of the audio was fine so I didn’t want to abandon the interview entirely.

We talk about the differences between how the governments of Great Britain and the United States handle transparency when it comes to UFOs. We also dig into some of the most recent news that’s come out on this subject and what it may portend going forward. I even sneak in a question about Nick’s own experiences when it comes to unknown objects in our skies. Has this expert in the field of ufology ever seen a UFO himself?

You can keep up with all of his comings and goings on his website. Most recently, he’s been co-hosting The Basement Office with Steven Greenstreet at the New York Post. You’ll also frequently see him on multiple shows where this topic is discussed, including Ancient Aliens. But enough with the introductions, already. On with the interview. Enjoy. I know I certainly did.