Reade: As far as the Democratic Party goes, I'm outta here

Reade: As far as the Democratic Party goes, I'm outta here

When John covered that interview Tara Reade did with Megyn Kelly yesterday, he noted that she was expressing a growing sense of disgust with the way she and her friends and family were being treated by her own party. No matter how much credence you give to Reade’s claims, the one thing she has definitely managed to accomplish is the unvarnished exposure of the hypocrisy running rampant through the Democratic Party when it comes to “believing all women.” That rule doesn’t apply if the woman in question is accusing a Democrat.

But there was one other tidbit from the interview that I wanted to highlight this morning. While Reade slipped it into the conversation almost in passing, she noted that she’s now had enough. She no longer lists herself as a Democrat and will be looking for a new political home. (NY Post)

Joe Biden sex-assault accuser Tara Reade said she used to be a die-hard Barack Obama supporter — but she has left the Democratic Party after the blowback to her claims against the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Reade, who has accused Biden of sexually assaulting her in his Senate office in 1993, said she voted for Obama for president in 2008 and 2012 — but now feels she has no party to turn to.

“I’m leaving the Democratic Party and I won’t be part of any,” Reade said during an interview with Megyn Kelly published in its entirety Friday.

Reade went on to say that she won’t be joining the GOP because that’s not her “political belief system.” It sounds like she’s leaning towards simply being an independent with no party affiliation from here on out because she then described herself as being “politically homeless.”

Reade clearly isn’t alone in feeling this way. While purely anecdotal, I’ve been seeing similar reactions from other progressives. As I discussed recently on Twitter, one member of my family (a lifelong Democrat, feminist and Bernie Sanders supporter) has declared that she’s reaching the breaking point. She went out on social media and said that recent events have left her “less likely to hold my nose and vote for Biden.” She went on to say that she’s being “pushed into the arms of the Democratic Socialists or the Green Party.”

Between the obvious (and successful) efforts to once again derail a Sanders nomination and the willingness to throw the #MeToo movement under the bus just to offer cover to Biden, I’m not sure if the DNC leadership is aware how much self-inflicted damage they’re taking at the moment. The game plan from the beginning seemed to be to have Biden make a lot of promises to the far left in an attempt to win Sanders’ endorsement and then act as if none of this had happened when we moved into the general election.

For all I know, that’s still the plan. But it’s fairly obvious that not all Democrats are thrilled with it and some may wind up not playing ball at all. We’ve already seen how Joe Biden’s support among the younger, ages 18 to 29 voters is pretty much in the tank. And those are the voters who not only made up the core of Bernie’s support but are vital to turn out in large numbers if Biden wants to build an Obama-stye wave in November.

The longer Tara Reade’s name stays in the headlines, the harder that task is going to be. And if Tom Perez and the DNC aren’t careful, particularly when it comes to younger, female voters, when Reade says she’s quitting their party, a lot of other women may wind up saying “Me Too.”

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