Chris Cuomo's "fat tire biker" fires back

Yesterday we talked about CNN host Chris Cuomo’s meltdown on his radio show where he talked about not enjoying his job anymore and potentially moving on from it. Part of the rant involved some choice words for a “fat tire biker” who he claims harassed him on his property in East Hampton on Long Island. In his version of the story, the biker “got in his space” and started “hassling” him. But now the biker in question has gone public and his version of the story is quite different.


According to David (no last name is given), he wasn’t even on Cuomo’s property. He had paused on his bike ride when he thought he recognized the CNN host, and then Cuomo’s wife approached him. He asked why Cuomo wasn’t still under quarantine and following his brother’s social distancing rules. (Cuomo’s brother is the Governor.) At that point, he claims Chris approached him and went ballistic, threatening him with some sort of unspecified revenge. David describes Cuomo as a “bully” and “scary stupid” sometimes. He also claims to have filed a report with the police.

The Long Island resident blasted as a “jackass loser fat-tire biker” by Chris Cuomo in a radio rant told The Post on Tuesday that the CNN host is nothing but a bully — and has even filed a complaint with cops against him.

“Sometimes he’s scary stupid,” the East Hampton man, who asked to only be identified by his first name, David, said of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s little brother…

David told The Post he was stunned that Cuomo verbally attacked him the way he did.

This is a very different version of events than Cuomo related on his radio program. First of all, he seemed to at least imply that he was at home in Southampton when this happened, describing how he was on “his property” when the biker approached. But the incident took place on a property in East Hampton that Cuomo purchased last year. A house is under construction there, but he’s not living there yet, so clearly he broke quarantine and left his home on Easter Sunday.


I was a bit confused originally because when Cuomo talked about “a biker harassing him,” for some reason I assumed it was a motorcyclist. David, however, was riding a bicycle. And he claims he never set foot on Cuomo’s property. He stopped his bike well away from the property line and was originally approached by Cuomo’s wife who asked if he need help with anything.

Further, during his radio rant, Cuomo only expressed his frustration at not being able to tell the biker off and get up in his face. But according to David (and presumably his police report), Cuomo demonstrated no such restraint.

“He said, ‘Who the hell are you?! I can do what I want!’” David said. “He just ranted, screaming, ‘I’ll find out who you are!’

“I said to him, ‘Your brother is the coronavirus czar, and you’re not even following his rules — unnecessary travel,’” the resident said.

“He just began to boil more.

“He said, ‘This is not the end of this. You’ll deal with this later. We will meet again.’ If that’s not a threat, I don’t know what is,” David said.

I suppose you could say that David is partially at fault for instigating the encounter in the first place instead of minding his own business. But Chris Cuomo is a public figure, for better or worse, and people are going to notice his activities. And violating his own brother’s rules about quarantines and social distancing is certainly something people will comment on.


We should also remember that this is one of those “he said, he said” situations for the moment. All we have at this point is David’s word that Cuomo boiled over and began threatening him. But then, Chris has a documented history of blowing his top and going on verbal tirades against people he feels have wronged him.Does David’s story really sound out of character for him?

In any event, get back to your house and stay in the basement until your quarantine period is over, Mr. Cuomo. Set a good example for others, please.

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