Impeachment is hurting the GOP so badly that they just broke a fundraising record

Here’s yet another, albeit less official metric to keep an eye on in terms of how the voters are responding to the Democrats’ impeachment circus. Enthusiasm among the GOP base appears to have shifted gears and people are responding enthusiastically. The RNC is reporting that they’ve hit a milestone in fundraising while all of this drama has been playing out in the House of Representatives. (Fox News)

The Republican National Committee has announced record fundraising numbers amid the impeachment drive against President Trump, hauling in a whopping $20.6 million in November, according to Federal Election Commission data obtained by Fox News.

The RNC told Fox News that this is the best November on record in party history.

The party currently has $63.2 million in cash — marking the most cash-on-hand it has had since before the 2012 presidential election.

Twenty million in a single month, particularly a year out from the election, is certainly an eye-opening figure. But perhaps even more impressive is the cash on hand number. The RNC has been spending a ton of money on ad buys in swing districts where vulnerable Democrats will be trying to hold on to their majority in the House next year. The only way they keep up the pressure for the entire marathon is to keep bringing in significant windfalls. Thus far they seem to be managing it.

Of course, voter enthusiasm among the GOP base has been rising steadily throughout the impeachment process. Last month Gallup released its voter enthusiasm figures and they recorded a break from the typical patterns seen in previous election seasons.

In a typical election cycle, the party out of power (not holding the White House) is usually significantly more excited about voting than their opposition. Not so in 2019. Gallup found that 64% of Americans say they are “more enthusiastic” about voting than in previous election cycles, including 65% of Democrats and 66% of Republicans. Compare that to 2007 when the gap was 70% for the Democrats and 55% for the GOP. Or 2015, when they recorded 60% for Republicans and 50% for the Party of the Donkey.

People without much to complain about typically aren’t as energized. So with a thriving economy, plenty of jobs and conservative justices filling up the courts like the seats at a Taylor Swift concert, you might normally expect the GOP base to be a bit more lackadaisical. Not so this year, and it’s hard to pin that on anything other than growing anger at the Democrats’ impeachment games. People are opening up their wallets and gearing up to go to the polls. Victory is far from certain at this point, but if Nancy Pelosi and her friends were counting on these impeachment hearings to erode Trump’s support, it’s starting to look like they backed the wrong horse.