Aw... Roman Polanski feels like "a leper"

Internationally infamous serial rapist and pedophile Roman Polanski is unhappy with some of the press treatment he’s been receiving. (And based on that first sentence, it’s not going to be getting any better today.) He’s also upset over the cold shoulder he’s received from some of his former Hollywood friends. During an interview with PAris Match, Polanski bemoaned the way his image has been tarnished and swears he will not be returning to Hollywood because he’s being treated like a leper. Warning: This is from a European outlet and the translation is a little rough. (Showbiz411)

The Academy of Oscars has excluded you in 2018. Does this make you bitter?

It makes me rather smile. For years, they gave me nominations. In 2003, they ended up giving me an Oscar, all after the events for which they saw me now. It indicates the change of time.

Do you feel like an outcast in Hollywood?

Worse, a leper.

Your friends at the time, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, do not support you anymore?

When we call ourselves, we talk about our families, movies, not that kind of thing.

Polanski finally being kicked out of the Academy in 2018 probably should make him smile. He was allowed to remain there for decades longer than he should have. Hollywood only finally (and in some cases reluctantly) gave him the boot after an avalanche of public pressure and shaming when the #MeToo movement kicked into gear. Most of the glitterati were willing to give him a pass, most notably Whoopi Goldberg. (Come on… it’s wasn’t rape rape.)

Of course, lepers would and should be treated much better than Polanski. Let us not forget that he’s fighting extradition based on his conviction for drugging, raping and sodomizing a 13-year-old little girl. Tossing this monster in a leper colony would be far too good for him and unfair to the lepers.

What’s interesting here is the revelation (assuming it’s true) that he’s still in touch with Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson. Both men are in their early eighties now and not doing as much in the industry, but they’re still kicking around. Do they still maintain contacts and friendships with this reprobate? If so, that says a lot more about both of them than it does about the convicted child rapist Polanski.

The other interesting bit of Polanski news that popped up recently also goes to show how out of touch with reality this pedophile really is. He was recently asked to comment on the Harvey Weinstein trial and he had plenty to say. He claims that he really had no ties to Weinstein, though he’d met him “a handful of times.” That seems to be a stretch, considering how much they have in common and the “services” Weinstein offered sound like they are right up Polanski’s alley.

Beyond that, Polanski actually blamed Weinstein for the world begin so upset over his child rape conviction story. According to the disgraced director, Weinstein was the one who dug up the story in 2003 to try to prevent him from winning the Oscar that year for one of his movies. Yeah… that must be it. It couldn’t have been any sort of legitimate outrage on the part of the public over all of the child drugging, raping and sodomizing, right? We should really figure out a way to finally have Polanski extradited just in time to throw him in the same cell with Weinstein if he’s convicted. Sounds like they deserve each other and would have plenty to talk about.

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David Strom 6:40 PM | February 29, 2024