Warren suggests she'll slash defense budget to pay for other promises

Warren suggests she'll slash defense budget to pay for other promises

Amid declining poll numbers, Elizabeth Warren seems to be attempting to tune up a few of her standard answers to questions about her budget-busting campaign promises. While it didn’t garner much attention at the time, Warren gave an interview to the National Education Association last month. During that meeting she was asked whether or not she supported some expensive new education programs and, if so, how she planned to pay for them.

After all the damage she’s taken from her Medicare for All proposal and a (likely unconstitutional) wealth tax, Warren is clearly tired of being asked how she plans to pay for all of her socialist schemes. That was on display during this interview, because she gave up on any pretense of having done the math and simply said, “C’mon… there’s always money.” She then brought up the specter of cutting the defense budget to come up with more funds. (Free Beacon)

Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren brushed off a question on how she planned to pay for expensive education proposals, saying “there’s always money.”

In a November interview with National Education Association president Lily Eskelsen García, the Massachusetts senator said “The way I see it, there’s always, c’mon, there’s always money. It’s there. Are we going to spend the money on defense or are we going to spend the money on our children?”

García asked whether Warren would commit to more funding for Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act. “If the answer is yes, how do you pay for that?” García asked.

Thus far, Elizabeth Warren has had “a plan” for virtually every challenge the country faces. That’s made many of her supporters quite excited and they frequently tout the claim that she’s the only Democrat in the field who has really done the homework and figured out how to save the country from the currently booming economy under Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, all of her plans rely on some version of finding a money tree growing in the White House Rose Garden and plucking tens of trillions of dollars off of it. Her plans to massively jack up taxes on the top 1% of earners and institute a dodgy “wealth tax” on them would rapidly destroy much of the available investment capital in the country. And now we learn that she’s pondering slashing the defense budget?

We’re only in the early stages of attempting to rebuild and upgrade our military forces after years of operating on insufficient funding. And this is taking place just as Russia and China are teaming up to challenge U.S. military dominance. Iran is heating up its nuclear program and putting missiles in Iraq. Meanwhile, North Korea is threatening to return to its previous aggressive posture on missile testing as a “Christmas present” to the United States.

This is the world Elizabeth Warren would be facing were she elected. And in the face of all that, she’s planning on weakening our military position and bankrupting the country. This is a path that ends in a significant collapse for the United States just as our adversaries are building up to challenge us militarily and our economy is finally back on its feet again. How Warren can fail to see that this threatens to turn us into a larger version of Venezuela remains a mystery.

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