Interview: The scientists trying to catch UFOs

To bludgeon a quote from Mark Twain into a 2019 setting, UFOs are starting to seem like the weather. Everyone is talking about them these days, but nobody seems to be doing anything about them, or at least they’re not offering many specifics. (Yes, we’re looking at you, Tom DeLonge.) But that seems to be changing now. This week I have an interview with a returning guest. He’s Deep Prasad, quantum physicist, and CEO of ReactiveQ, a company working to significantly advance the science of quantum computing.

Deep is one of the people involved in a new venture known as UAP Expeditions, which I wrote about here last month. Instead of waiting around for the government or To The Stars Academy (TTSA) to dish up some new information on UFOs being encountered by the military in our airspace, Deep and his partners are trying to chase down the information themselves by hunting down the unidentified craft.

During our interview, we discuss who is involved in the project, a list that includes some of the military veterans who were directly involved with the tic-tac encounter with the Nimitz carrier group. We also get into the details of precisely how they are trying to capture new images of these craft and other data, along with the technology they’re employing. How does the military feel about civilians showing up and peering intently into the regions where they conduct war games? Is Deep planning on trying to shoot down one of the tic-tacs? (Spoiler alert… he’s not that dumb.)

We get into all of that, along with some of the latest theories about who or what might have built these craft and whether or not there could be anyone inside of them. We also get into the technology that seems to be on display and what that could mean for the future of humanity. So sit back, turn on the volume and enjoy the interview.