Prince Andrew gets the boot from the palace?

When Allahpundit wrote about British Prince Andrew suspending his official duties in the royal family, I had many of the same questions he posed. What “official duties” were those? I realize he’s involved in some admirable charitable causes and perhaps has to do the occasional diplomatic tour, but aside from that, his only real job is to keep breathing on the off chance that six or seven of his other relatives die before the Queen does. What precisely will Great Britain be missing out on when he stops “working?”

Still, that damning picture of him with his arm around the waist of the young woman currently accusing him of raping her after Jeffrey Epstein served her up like a snack, has clearly struck a sour note with the rest of his family. (And much of the public, judging by recent polling.) But stepping aside wasn’t good enough for the Royals, it seems. As of yesterday, it’s being reported that he was told to pack his things and vacate the palace. (NY Post)

Disgraced Prince Andrew has been kicked out of his offices at Buckingham Palace, according to a new report.

The British royal reportedly got his marching orders and was told to clear out on Friday — just days after announcing he was formally stepping away from official duties after a “car crash” interview defending his friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the Times of London reported.

According to the report, the 59-year-old prince was told he and his staff would have to find another location to do business.

I suppose that sounds believable, particularly when you consider the other reports suggesting that he didn’t actually “step down” from his duties. His own mother (the Queen herself) fired him.

And speaking of believable things, how is it that so many people still seem shocked or to be in denial about the Epstein story? First of all, it was already well known that he was friends with Epstein and traveled in those circles. He’s admitted as much repeatedly. (And those “circles” included a lot of casual dalliances, leading to his nickname, “Randy Andy.”)

While we’re on the subject, since when should anyone be surprised at this sort of behavior from the men in the royal family? If you read about the life and times of King Henry VIII you’ll find that he wasn’t exactly a prim and proper model of fidelity and restraint. Andrew was born into a life of exclusive wealth and entitlement, as much as I hate using that word. It definitely fits when we’re talking about the Windsors.

Back in the 1700s and 1800s, we fought a couple of wars just to be out from under the thumb of these people. And if Andrew actually did what most people now believe he did, I don’t see a lot of sympathy coming for the position he now finds himself in. Yes, I get the fact that we have a special relationship with that nation and we tend to be very accommodating to their actual government, the Parliament and the Prime Minister. And the British people apparently still love their royals, so we’re supposed to be respectful. But this guy just seems completely creepy at this point. Perhaps it’s best if he retires to one of his other castles for a while and keeps a low profile, assuming he can’t be charged with any crimes regarding the Epstein allegations.