The View: You don't just TELL people you're going to confiscate their guns

The View: You don't just TELL people you're going to confiscate their guns

As you all know by now, Beto O’Rourke’s presidential bid ended in bitter failure recently, so he’s packed up his tent and gone home. But that doesn’t mean he’s out of the conversation when it comes to presidential politics. On yesterday’s edition of The View, the subject of O’Rourke’s notorious gun confiscation plan came up. While a few other hopefuls have also talked about taking away your firearms, Beto was really the one many gun rights opponents were pinning their hopes on. This group apparently includes Joy Behar, who had some advice to offer others following in the Texan’s path. You see, if you want to confiscate everyone’s guns, you don’t just come out and tell them in advance. You wait until after you’re elected. (NRA-ILA)

On Monday’s episode of The View, while the cast was doing a postmortem on O’Rourke’s failed campaign, host Joy Behar chastised the former Texas Representative for revealing exactly what NRA has been saying for years is the ultimate goal of anti-gun extremists.

Perhaps as a warning to the remaining Democrat candidates, Behar stated, “They should not tell everything they’re going to do. If you are going to take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected and then take them away. Don’t tell them ahead of time.”

For a party that claims to support transparency, it seems odd to hear a Democrat like Behar offer such advice.

This is the game plan that a prominent Democratic cheerleader like Behar endorses. There’s no mystery about what she’s suggesting here. You lie to the voters on the campaign trail, trick them into electing you, and then move to enact a policy that nobody knew was coming. How very… democratic of her.

I will disagree slightly with one thing the NRA-ILA is saying. It doesn’t seem “odd” at all that Behar and many of her cohort would suggest such a strategy. It’s true that the Democrats like to talk about transparency, but that only applies in a situational fashion. When they’re working on plans that they know are unpopular, keeping everything under wraps is critical.

Examples of this are easy to find. Nearly all of them continue to say, nobody is coming to take away your guns. But deep down, nearly all of them want to find a way to enact gun bans and move toward confiscation or a national gun registry. When asked how they plan to pay for their various sweeping socialist schemes, they insist that they don’t want to raise taxes on anyone but the very wealthy. But you know that if they gain full control of the government, tax hikes are on the way.

Returning to the gun banning issue, we can readily cite another prime example of this pattern. Do you remember when Democrat Tedra Cobb was running to replace Congresswoman Elise Stefanik in New York’s 21st congressional district last year? She was caught on camera admitting to supporters at a private lunch that she wanted to enact an assault weapons ban, but she couldn’t say so in public. She insisted that one of the larger gun control groups had told her to keep such things to herself or it would cost her the election. Then, once she was in office, she could go ahead and vote for a ban. (Thankfully, she lost in a landslide anyway.)

This is how they operate, and clearly Joy Behar is very comfortable with such deceptive practices. In a way, Beto O’Rourke was a breath of fresh air in Democratic circles. He was at least willing to tell the country in advance about his plans. Of course, it probably cost him the nomination and any chance of ever getting a Senate seat in Texas. But at least he spoke the truth.

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