Video: More antisemitic attacks in New York City

Unfortunately, this has become all too common over the past few years but we’re not seeing signs that tensions are easing in New York when it comes to the Orthodox Jewish community. The latest series of incidents involved teenagers hurling eggs at a synagogue and several Jewish residents of the neighborhood. Sadly, incidents of frequently violent antisemitic attacks keep cropping up and the police seem largely unable to get to the root of the problem. (CBS New York)

Another hate crime investigation is underway in Brooklyn.
Once again, community leaders say Jewish people are being targeted in Borough Park, CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported.

The Boro Park Shomrim released cellphone video of a group of boys they say was throwing eggs on 38th Street outside Dome playground on Sunday afternoon, allegedly targeting Jews.

The suspects are seen taking off, one boy running on top of a car to get away.

This brief report from CBS contains the cellphone video of a few of the young attackers.

Some may try to write this off as just “kids being kids” and throwing eggs, but the targets in these incidents always seem to wind up being the local Jewish community. Antisemitic slurs are frequently hurled and there have bee repeated instances of Nazi and other antisemitic graffiti being found.

And the violence escalates beyond throwing eggs. Earlier this year there were a couple of thugs running up on Orthodox Jews walking along the sidewalk and viciously punching them in the head. There was even clear video of one of the attacks available on Twitter.

For one of the more recent spates of attacks, several witnesses were able to provide pictures and videos. And yet there has only been a single arrest made. It seems difficult to believe that these crimes continue to go unsolved. But where is this seemingly blind hatred coming from? New York City has had problems with antisemitic violence dating back for more than a century, but in recent years it truly seems to have found new legs.

People in the community need to step up and share what they know with law enforcement. Somebody has to know who these attackers are and they should be willing to help see them brought to justice.