Warren: Free health care for illegal aliens? Sure!

This almost looks like a textbook example of how to alarm and/or turn off potential voters in the shortest amount of time possible. Elizabeth Warren managed to come up with one policy announcement that combines the most extreme positions on both immigration and health care “reform” in a single sentence. The question at hand was how her $52 trillion dollar Medicare for All proposal would apply to illegal aliens. The answer? Health insurance is a human right so of course there will be plenty of money to cover illegals with taxpayer-funded care as well. (Free Beacon)

Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) said her Medicare for All plan covers “everyone regardless of immigration status.”

“Medicare for All, as I put this together, covers everyone regardless of immigration status,” Warren told a crowd of liberal activists on Friday. “And that’s it. We get Medicare for All, and you don’t need the subsidies because Medicare for All is fully paid for, and that’s the starting place.”

The senator delivered the remarks at an event sponsored by Mijente, a “pro-Latinx” activist group. Warren said she believes health coverage is a basic human right.

Here’s the video of the audacious claim. You can see that she’s absolutely thrilled to redistribute even more taxpayer money at the drop of a hat if it sways a few more minority voters toward her camp.

Of course, Warren isn’t the only one talking about this. Bernie Sanders has already put out a policy plan calling for coverage for illegal aliens, as well as saying they should receive free tuition for public colleges and universities.

What some of these candidates seem to be forgetting is that we’ve seen consistent polling showing that people are not in favor of this. One survey this summer found that 62% of registered voters, including 67% of independent voters, thought that taxpayer-funded health coverage for “undocumented” immigrants was a bad idea.

Further, the idea of a vast M4A plan that wipes out private health insurance plans that most people receive through their employers is equally unpopular. Another recent poll revealed that only 13% of registered voters want to see private health care plans go away. These aren’t marginal, party-line questions. They are very unpopular proposals.

If the Democrats manage to run Joe Biden out of Primary Town on a rail and put one of these socialists on the ballot next November, Donald Trump will be repeating their promises on these subjects on a daily basis. And the result won’t be pretty for the Democrats. If that’s the case, get ready for another round of viral videos showing liberals weeping on each other’s shoulders on election night.