The inevitable Sean Spicer on Dancing With the Stars dilemma

Allahpundit touched on this topic earlier, but since I’m apparently being dragged into this bizarre topic by family and friends, I may as well pull all of you down into the muck with me. The subject at hand is the fact that former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is one of the contestants on this season’s edition of ABC’s hit show, Dancing With the Stars. Allow me to begin with a bit of disclosure and a confession. First, I don’t watch DWTS and I’m not a fan. Nothing wrong with the program or anyone who enjoys it. It’s just not my thing. I am regularly “exposed” to it, however, because my wife is a superfan and has it on our television every Monday night while chatting with one of our friends on speakerphone as they discuss the various performances. (I’m usually watching something on YouTube or Netflix on my laptop with headphones on.)

The confession is that on week one of the season, learning that Spicer was a contestant, I asked her to flag me when his segment came on and I watched. Now, I’m not a dancer nor any sort of expert on the subject, but at least in my view, Sean’s dancing was… let’s just say he wasn’t really on the same skill level as the professionals on the stage.

And yet, Spicer remains in the competition week after week, as other, presumably more talented dancers are sent packing. This phenomenon, as analyzed by Andrew Stiles at the Free Beacon, has caused large numbers of liberals around the country to lose their collective minds.

Spicer’s success on the dance floor has, predictably, caused the nation’s libs to lose their degenerate minds and abandon their faith in direct democracy. Aggrieved Trump haters have become increasingly agitated as popular support continues to propel Spicer towards an inevitable victory in spite of his low scores.

America’s libs, who have been thoroughly owned since Trump’s election victory in 2016, have whined constantly about the superiority of the so-called “popular vote,” a meaningless metric by which Hillary Clinton might have won the presidency. And yet the libs can’t accept the fact that Spicer’s fate on Dancing With The Stars is ultimately determined by the people, as opposed to unelected “experts.”

A number of these libs expressed their anxiety over Spicer’s success—and democracy itself—on the popular social networking website Twitter.

The panel of judges, some of whom we are led to believe are experts in the art of dance, have consistently declared Spicer’s performances to be flops. But they don’t get the final say for most of the season. The audience gets to vote, and their voices tilt the scores, generally determining who gets to stay and who has to go. And the voting public has consistently chosen to keep Spicer week after week. If this pattern continues, he could conceivably wind up winning.

This, as Stiles points out, has led to a furious wailing and gnashing of teeth among liberals. Some of the reactions have been absolutely precious.

Is this enough to get me to start watching DWTS? No, not really. Though I might consider texting in some votes for Spicer after this. I like Sean, having gotten to sit down with him a few times during the DNC in Philly back in 2016. And if he wants to dress up in bizarre outfits and strut his stuff with a professional dancer/model, I say go for it. It’s a free country for the time being and it’s not like he had that many other responsibilities taking up his time, right?