Congress has met the recent UFO news with a yawn. Why?

If you’ve been following our coverage here, by this time you are no doubt aware of the rather shocking (if infrequent) revelations that have come out of the government and the military since the 2017 article in the New York Times was published regarding strange craft encountered by our military in airspaces where we operate. The three videos released thus far have certainly captured the interest of the public. Other revelations include confirmations from the Navy that the sightings are indeed “unidentified aerial phenomenon” (though we still just call them UFOs) as well as the announcement of a cooperative effort between the U.S. Army and To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences (TTSA) to examine certain “exotic materials” allegedly recovered from potentially non-human craft.

All of this has led to a heated discussion among scientists, former military personnel and layman as to what precisely is going on. But do you know who seems to have shown almost no interest at all? The vast majority of the members of Congress and Donald Trump. We’ve heard virtually not a peep out of any of them about it. Why is that? That’s the question being asked by Christopher Mellon in a recent op-ed at The Hill.

Strangely, this shocking announcement seems to have scarcely been noticed by Congress or the Trump administration. Is the information too jarring and radical to process? Are U.S. government officials in denial? One can only wonder, given the glaring disconnect between the Navy’s announcement and the limited government actions to protect U.S. military personnel and the nation as a whole.

Mellon goes into some of the startling observations that military observers have made about these craft, most of which we’ve covered here before. (How they have no visible wings, rotors, exhaust ports, etc. and yet still manage to hover and then perform hypersonic, nonballistic maneuvers.) He then continues with the main complaint he’s been hearing from those on the front lines.

I’ve interviewed numerous active-duty and retired military personnel who have encountered these mysterious vehicles. Without exception they express grave concern for their colleagues and near disbelief that our government is not reacting more vigorously.

I’m going to offer some possible answers to Mellon’s questions here, but I first wanted to point out who it is bringing the subject forward. Mellon is an advisor to TTSA, but unlike their founder, Tom DeLonge, he’s not just some former punk rocker with an active interest in extraterrestrials. He worked in the federal government for decades, serving as deputy assistant Defense secretary for intelligence under both Clinton and Bush 43. He also worked for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. In short, the guy has been on the inside and probably knows a thing or two about the subject.

As to what Mellon is asking, why does Congress (and the President) show so little apparent interest in discussing this topic? Allow me to offer a few guesses.

One possibility is that they simply don’t have much to say and the majority of them probably don’t know much more than you or I. The people who really know what’s going on (assuming anyone in the government does) are likely buried deep down in the military and intelligence apparatus of the federal government with code word clearance. I seriously doubt they tell the President (any president, not just Trump) much of anything based on a need to know basis. The same goes for most of Congress.

I would next consider the possibility that Mellon’s question is based on an at least partially false assumption. For all we know, the appropriate people on the Intelligence Committee and elsewhere are actually buzzing like a beehive with activity, but they’re not ready to put out any public statements. If we are, as many believe, observing craft with capabilities that make our best military hardware look like the original Wright Brothers’ plane, that may be a touchy subject they don’t want to take public, whether these things were built by the Russians, the Chinese or the Alpha Centaurians. But Mellon is no longer on the inside in the swamp so perhaps he’s just not aware of it.

And of course, there is still the other nagging possibility we’ve brought up before. Maybe these aren’t aliens or Russians at all. Just maybe this is some of our own gear that was being tested against our own forces to see how everything shakes out. Granted, I’ve yet to hear from a single credible scientist who thinks we’ve managed to leapfrog all of humanity’s scientific achievements in such a short period of time and learned how to manipulate gravity, but hey… we have to consider the possibility.

In the end, I think what most people who have long held an interest in the topic are hoping for isn’t a comprehensive list of technologies that may still be considered sensitive matters of national security. We really just want to know what’s going on and what the government knows about it. In other words, we’re still looking for the “Big D” disclosure from Uncle Sam. If they know these crafts are real and are probably not of this Earth, we’d like someone to come out and give us a briefing as to what they really know or at least suspect. But the deafening silence coming out of Washington about these UAPs or UFOs isn’t bolstering anyone’s confidence.