Watch: Former Barack Obama pilot on encountering a UFO

Ever since the bombshell 2017 New York Times report about strange, unidentified craft flying in our military airspace, a number of pilots have been coming forward with their own stories. Many were military pilots of fighter jets or members of their shipboard support crew, but an increasing number of commercial pilots have been going public with their own experiences. Andy Danziger is one of the latter. The one aspect of his career that gives this story a special hook is that he used to fly Senator Barack Obama around sometimes on the campaign trail when he was running for president.

Sadly, the encounter he describes with Kennedy on Fox Business didn’t take place when the future 44th President was a passenger. (How great of a story would that have been?) This happened back in 1989 when he was a pilot on a regional airline. What he saw at fairly close range is amazing to hear him tell the tale.

For a long time, pilots were afraid to report such things officially because it could represent the end of their careers. (You don’t want crazy people flying commercial jets.) But now the atmosphere has changed and they’re less fearful of telling their stories. This is a fairly short interview, so enjoy it!