Interview: Frank J. Fleming on the challenges of doing political satire in the Trump era

Today we interview author, satirist and political commentator Frank J. Fleming. (Better known on social media as @IMAO.) He has a lengthy history as a writer and political commentator with plenty to say about politicos on both sides of the aisle. If you follow the Babylon Bee, you probably know Frank and the “fact-checking” that liberals have done of his satire. We discuss that and much more during this wide-ranging interview. Also, he shares his predictions for 2020 and which Democrat would provide the best comedic fodder if they replace Donald Trump. (Spoiler alert… it’s not Joe Biden.)

Follow Frank’s blog and all of his work at the Babylon Bee. And be sure to check out his hilarious most recent novel, Hellbender. But enough of the promo. Let’s get on with the interview.