The ICE /taco truck apology conundrum

Who wants Mexican for lunch? If you’re asking that question at the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility these days it might be a bit complicated. The ICE facility houses illegal aliens awaiting court appearances and, as such, has become a target for liberal protesters. When a bright green food truck from Lloyd’s Taco Factory showed up there and began taking orders a couple of weeks ago, liberals immediately pounced on social media, asking how the progressive company could possibly be serving food to those evil people. In response, the founders of the company took to Twitter and issued an immediate apology for their poor judgment.

Well, that probably satisfied their liberal fans (likely including a ton of people jumping on the ratio train who have never even tried their food), but conservatives and even officials at the ICE agency themselves noticed. They came out in force with their own response, saying that the taco company was totally out of line for apologizing. ICE put out the following statement.

“The men and women who work at the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility are Detention Officers, Deportation Officers, administrative support staff, Doctors, Nurses, Judges, Attorneys, and maintenance staff. Each and every one of them is entrusted with the safety, security, and care of the detainees here. Almost 50% of the staff are Veterans. Families are not detained here nor has any child been here. Further, an overwhelming percentage of the detainees detained at this facility are criminal aliens, meaning, they continued to commit more crimes after illegally entering the United States.”

So what did the principled and dedicated founders of the taco company do then? They issued an apology for the apology. (The Hill)

The co-founders of a Buffalo-area taco truck company apologized at a news conference Monday for their first response to criticism they received for serving lunch at a federal migrant detention facility in New York.

“Chris and I want to fully and sincerely apologize for our past statement after our truck’s visit to the federal detention facility in Batavia last week. Our statement was hastily made, and we reacted too quickly to criticism we received for that visit,” Lloyd founder Pete Cimino said at the news conference. The company is known for its large burritos and neon green trucks, according to WIVB4.

So after apologizing to the far left, they’ve now apologized for apologizing. This is where Cancel Culture has brought us in 2019. One bit of criticism on social media and these guys rushed to the barricades to assure everyone that they were woke enough to be acceptable. Then, after having it pointed out that they were insulting the men and women who enforce the nation’s laws, they did a complete 180 and apologized to ICE.

Do you know what the result of this is? Nobody is happy with you. You insulted law enforcement and people who value and respect the work they do. That lasted for a few days. And now your retraction has angered all of the leftists you were trying to please with the original statement, but the people already insulted aren’t going to forget what you said. The original apology was far too detailed, declaring that you were “reviewing your policies” to make sure such a mistake never happened again.

So now you’re left with a potential customer base of people who never follow the news. Every time a commercial business dips a toe into these divisive social issues they risk alienating roughly half of their potential customer base. Just look at what happened to Dick’s Sporting Goods. But if you pick one side and stick to it, you can possibly keep at least half of your customers. But Lloyd has managed to pull the full flip-flop and tick off everyone.

Well done, guys. Perhaps it would be better to just stick to selling tacos and stop paying attention to the outrage mobs on Twitter. You might still have a company left next year if you do.